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Screenshot Saturday
85 points by screenshot on Apr 19, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 129 comments
I really enjoyed last weeks Screenshot Saturday[1]. So here is this weeks post: "If you like the idea, please post a screenshot and a few words of explanation on what you have been working on for the past week."


I'm working on a game titled Aerannis about a female assassin who may or may not be schizophrenic. She fears that she's losing touch with reality entirely and trapped in a world of her own delusions, but comes to realize that she may really just be the center of a global conspiracy.





Nothing as complex or inventive as the other projects here, but it's all that I'm working on at the moment.

Fucking awesome art, dude.

Any gameplay vids? Demos?

What are you deving in? What platforms do you hope to release for?

I'm a few months away from releasing a demo and I haven't recorded any videos in a while. I'm making fairly rapid progress on it, so any videos I have are tremendously out of date.

I'm making it in Lua/Love2d and I'll be releasing it for Windows/OS X/Linux. Love apparently works on Android as well, so I'll see if I can port it to that after I finish it.

Awesome work! How do you plan to distribute it?

Also I love how the traffic light seems to have eyes. Pretty creepy.

If all goes well, being greenlit and selling through Steam would be nice. The Humble Store seems to be another good option.

And yeah, every object in this universe serves as a sentient surveillance device.

Is working in the browser?

looks awesome! ... best of luck

I'm working on a web-app which starts like a feature-rich to-do list app, but shifts the focus towards planning out larger life goals, and tracking progress:


In particular this week, I've been working on solidifying the quantification side of the app (see the first two screenshots) - i.e. making day-to-day productivity (and lack of productivity!) towards big goals something that's measurable and the user can be held accountable for as they look back over past performance.

I've added more of an explanation to the imgur captions.

The site's currently in a launched-but-heavy-iterating stage at https://nachapp.com

That's a great idea though I worry that it would totally tickle my OCD productivity crazy side...

Thanks! Hmm, well, if you leverage that attribute in the right way, it could be a big asset. The thing which I'm trying to do differently from other habit-building apps is get users to put a real focus on making tangible progress towards goals. So instead of just ticking "go to the gym" of a to-do list every day for the sake of feeling productive, actually setting a target and monitoring progress towards it. If all your goals are set up in this way, then having an internal drive to come back and keep up the routine day-to-day, will mean you're consistently improving yourself, which surely can't be a bad thing!

Just wanted to say that the time, effort and thought you have put in this project is a very apparent once you spend a few minutes poking through the UI. Excellent execution.

I like how as a new user, you get to start 'simply' (no trackers or readings or due dates or targets) and the UI is not overwhelming and add those things as/when you need them.

The dexterity of the application is not obvious when you see /use it for the first time (I think this is a 'good' thing in that you have managed to successfully keep the UI 'simple' while providing all the bells and whistles for when needed)

Great job, keep it up, this looks helpful and I'll probably be using it.

This is very encouraging to hear, thanks for taking the time to share!

I've been playing around with this concept for a couple of years (never having executed) and was expecting to be disappointed but this is very thoughtfully executed. I only wish this was open source :)

I can imagine, my need for it as a personal tool was strong enough that I just couldn't resists building it haha, it evolved quite a bit further than I expected though.

Could I ask why you'd have hoped for open source? If it's any consolation, I'm making the API completely open, and I'd have no problem with custom clients. In fact, I may even consider open-sourcing the default web-app client. But as for running it as a SaaS rather than distributing the whole thing as open source, I feel like the whole project will have a brighter future if it's set up in a sustainable way like this, and subscription fees can be invested back into the product, towards marketing, development, scaling etc.

Single founders have a very high bus factor, and for any other reason that you decide not to continue supporting the product, there's some insurance for people who invest a lot of time and data in the product as early adopters if the source lives somewhere. I think you should make money for your work. I don't have time to research now, but I'd bet there's a boilerplate license that would protect your work while allowing other developers to contribute and install for personal use only.

In lieu of all of that, I'd like to be able to export my data at a minimum. It sounds like the API would let me do that though.

One small, unrelated suggestion: set up something like UserVoice to take bug reports and other feedback from users. I may have missed an existing feedback channel if it exists.

Thanks for all your hard work on this. It's one of the best products I've used in a while.

Ah right, yup fair enough. Data export is definitely on my radar, but it's a bit early at this stage. As you say, worst case, you'd be able to extract your data via the API.

Yes, good point - it's just a single contact form at the moment, probably time for an upgrade.

Re caring about making a great product, that's alright haha. I used to be a money chasing developer, but I had a bit of an epiphany, and realised that trying to help others improve their lives means a lot more to me than spending my life acquiring and hoarding possessions and wealth!

Also, thank you for caring about making a great product rather than caring about making money. There seem to be fewer of you around these days. ;)

I spotted this on Saturday and have been using it since. Honestly, excellent. To-do lists and productivity apps seem to be a dime a dozen, and I've tried them all. They're generally shit. Yours is the best I've seen, so I've converted to paying.

I filed a little bug report with a few issues I spotted, but nothing breaking. I hope you get enough traffic to make it worth more of your time. Thanks.

Just wanted to reply - I just signed up and started working with it ... this is the power / analytics of a todo app that I've been wanting, well done! I'll send some feedback through the contact form once I play with it a little more.

Awesome, thanks! I need to do a better job of getting that message across on the landing page. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

That is awesome.

Does this support recurring tasks?

Yup, repeating every X days, or following a weekly schedule. Run-down of all the different types here: https://nachapp.com/help/guides/repeating - and you can access those options with the Edit button in the top corner of a step's page.

how long did it take you to make it? any customers yet? good luck

I started just over half a year ago. In terms of real customers (i.e. excluding friends), I've had over a hundred people start the trial, but the drop-off rate is very high at the moment, and only a small handful have converted to paying. I'm iterating the product based on user feedback at the moment, until I'm confident it's complete enough to really push more traffic to through a proper marketing effort.


I have had some time off this week so decided to work on something a bit different. I have been working on a concept fuzzing framework for security testing. In the screenshot you can see some of the files produced by it - The bottom right is the configuration used to generate the file format (for this case Bitmap, although I have tested a few others like WAV)

Bottom left is a bitmap produced with no defects. The top shot is a bitmaps produced with some random changes - you can see the green bitmap is now corrupted due to a change somewhere in the format.

Neat. Have you found any bugs with it yet? Any sense of where you're going to take it?

Nothing really fancy like other people here. I'm making an admin template based on bootstrap. It's my first attempt at it and I plan to sell it on wrapbootstrap/themeforest (if they find it good enough for their marketplace).




Love the design. What are you using to make your graphs?

Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. I'm using flot charts [1] for the big traffic graph and peity [2] for the smaller ones. Apart from that, there are some other good options like morris.js [3], Chart.js [4], flotr2 [5], xCharts [6] and sparklines [7]. There are more if you search for them but I've used the ones I mentioned in the template. Added more screenshots of the charts pages. [8] [9] [10] [11]

[1] http://www.flotcharts.org/

[2] http://benpickles.github.io/peity/

[3] http://www.oesmith.co.uk/morris.js/

[4] http://www.chartjs.org/

[5] http://humblesoftware.com/flotr2/

[6] http://tenxer.github.io/xcharts/

[7] http://omnipotent.net/jquery.sparkline/

[8] http://i.imgur.com/MvaDsJk.png

[9] http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/2875/k3uv.png

[10] http://i.imgur.com/SKhFxiC.png

[11] http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/5030/jygx.png

Love the minimalist flat design

I'm working on an app to help me find a job: http://i.imgur.com/sam9Cgt.png

I'm using it right now to search through a year's worth of HN "Who's hiring" threads and starring places that I want to work at / hiding those that match criteria that I don't want.

Pretty soon I'll be adding the "application management" piece to it so that I can start to track my applications, correspondences, phone screens, etc.


Backbone.js frontend powered by a Rails API with MongoDB as the datastore. Wanna hire me? sfdev14@gmail.com

I've been working on https://thesquatrack.com/

It does workout, nutrition, and body measurement tracking and I'm in the midst of deploying the routines and meta-routines - https://thesquatrack.com/soon over the next few weeks.

* Better search result info - http://i.imgur.com/RassIwF.png

* Flexible nutrition goals - http://i.imgur.com/8dabrHg.png

* Some meal fast logging - http://i.imgur.com/PdOBm0U.png

* Improved the dashboard a bit - http://i.imgur.com/hbs8ZTS.png

I'm not a UI/UX or business person, but I love code, so as long as it's functional, I'm happy.

100% solo founder and 100% bootstrapped ... it's been a heck of a fun journey :-)

I've used i[T] since early beta, shorty. Much better than fitocracy and I think you really hit the nail on the head that your website should help me be more effective (with wil[K]s calc, program templates, and nutrition [2]), instead [o]f just [G]iving me MORE e-points.

Best 5 bucks a month I spend.

I should also say that your site is one of the few startups that I've seen that doesn't completely neglect security. Not sure if it's just part of your framework (symfony?), but I rarely look at startups sites that I can't break in less than a minute.

Thanks for the support it means the world to me (literally, you're keeping me fed!). On a more serious note, I've got a lot of things planned and I hoped the announcement of the automated meta-routines shows I'm not dicking around with making an entirely new platform ... I just need to get some people on marketing it if I want to go faster :-/

This looks great. I tried Fitocracy and was disappointed. It seemed to be focused on a flashy interface rather than useful features.

I signed up for your mailing list. I especially like the ability to see moving averages. Up until now, I have been using spreadsheets for this kind of thing. That works fine for charting, but not much else.

> Up until now, I have been using spreadsheets for this kind of thing. That works fine for charting, but not much else.

Historical archives! http://i.imgur.com/RsB99dN.png that's one thing that's always kept me off of services, not being able to export my workouts, so I made sure you can do it in CSV, Markdown, and bbCode (individual, date ranges, and all workouts).

If you want to give it a whirl here's an invite code w/o needing to wait - https://thesquatrack.com/register?c=nn5z3za84d

Sweet - I just got an invite back on April 11 - looking forward to digging in. Right now I'm still on Fitocracy but looking for alternatives.

fwiw I made a chrome extension to do auto importing from Fito and LoseIt, you basically just set the date-range and if you want to overwrite on TSR's side and it does the rest (Track -> Integrators or Settings->Integrators)

I've been following your stuff at /r/fitness. Definitely keep working on it, looks real solid!

Will do, I've got a lot planned so long as I can keep it going

This sounds great. Hope to get a beta invite soon.

I really like the design

Thank you! Here are a couple more albums to show the overall design - http://imgur.com/a/3pOwv . Can you tell a developer designed it ;-)

really like your UI fwiw

Highschooler here building a reddit bot that can be summoned to create posters, tshirts, mugs, mousepads, etc from images and comments posted on reddit.

It's around 70% done. The hard parts: creating the posters from comments (imagemagick) and creating a product page (zazzle api) are both done.

Now i'm just working on getting a rabbitmq cluster up and running so that it can process multiple comments at once. Also working on the design of the the items because right now it's pretty bland with just b/w text.

Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/8SOMHBl.jpg

This is super awesome. That's a great idea and your code (what's in the screenshot at least) looks nice as well.

Thanks! I've been working on this on and off for the last couple of weeks and getting more ideas and feedback before releasing an initial version.

Also here's a better screenshot of what a poster might look like: http://imgur.com/YMGwlCo

I'm working on a music and member management system for my university's radio station [1] as part of an independent study. I'm cheating and using FlatUI [2] for the interface. Using Bookshelf.js + MySQL/Express/Angular/Node

Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/uw8I1#0

[1]: http://www.wrct.org/ [2]: http://designmodo.github.io/Flat-UI/

Huh, been getting a lot of hits on imgur. If anyone's curious, the repo is here. I'd totally love any suggestions! I'm doing a lot of this stuff for the first time.


This has been my first project working server-side. It's like, more complex than Pinterest and less complex than Tumblr.


One thing I have really enjoyed in this app is having built something in an industry which I have 0 knowledge and almost 0 interest. (fashion, beauty, health). I believe it's allowed me to build much more effectively and detach many of the emotions from building and any preconceived ideas about a particular industry. I normally work in front-end and because I'm looking for a job now I've seen a lot of employers give me a stink eye when I dont have experience in a particular industry or even an interest. I think it's odd and I can see their concerns but I also sometimes like to point out that I can also add to the team something nobody else can, a fresh perspective.

In order to stay motivated I have found inspiration not through the industry and the space itself, but through efficiency and learning new tools that power this website. One of the things I'm most proud is a prototype of a client side feature in which I'll be allowing users to create 'hotspots' anywhere in the image they upload. A typical use-case would be for a user to create a hotspot over a particular item of clothing or accessory and reference a referral link to that product. I've also re-created this hotspot feature in mobile and in videos on top of the Youtube API.

Extraordinary beautiful.


I'm building a book-reader app using the Spritz API. I started this at LAHacks with help from Spritz developers, but I've decided to keep working on it and try to get it in the App Store.

Main view when paused: http://imgur.com/2IyQkSG

Main view when reading: http://imgur.com/yukcvyW

If you don't know what Spritz is, it's a technology / service to let you read more efficiently, by displaying each word in the same place. Your eyes don't need to scan to find the next word, and most people can increase their reading speeds by a lot because of this. Many dyslexics find reading with Spritz far more comfortable than reading printed text. I'm not going to argue it's use for reading in ranges upwards of 1000 wpm, but I do think it's comfortable and usable for general reading (300 - 400 wpm personally).

Features already integrated:

- Chapters.

- Change the speed as you're reading with a slider. Most Spritz applications don't have this, and it's a shame.

- Pause, play, jump back a few words.

Things left to do:

- EPUB & MOBI support. Shouldn't be too hard. Currently it just reads TXT documents.

- Add Books. From URL initially, next step will be GDrive + Dropbox.

- Bookmarks. Very easy to do with .txt documents, maybe a bit different for e-book formats.

I'm working on my first (major) project -- an app that will show live winning probabilities for each team in ongoing NBA games. I'm hoping to get it done before this year's NBA playoffs are over.

I just started, and I'm scraping JSON play-by-play data. This is my first experience with databases, so hopefully it works out well.


Hey that's some Golden Gophers stats right there!

Where can we follow this?

Real-time FFT analysis of mic/line-in, with logarithmic scale showing the corresponding music notes. http://i.imgur.com/3WJcXTK.png

This is really cool. It looks a lot like baudline; have you ever used that?

Thanks, no I have not, but always interesting to look at similar tools. I'm more interested in going in the gaming direction though (like trying to follow a song singing/whistling, or by making it multiplayer somehow) I was inspired by plink (by dinahmoe)

This looks nice. Any chance this is going to be open source?

Thanks, I might open source the prototype/early version here, but not the whole project (I intend to add a lot more stuff and make it gaming-oriented)

Working on a mitre sled experiment for use on a table saw. This will allow me to get precise mitres between wood panels. Using Rhino3D/Grasshopper. A few more real-world tests before I redesign it parametrically.



The CRM webapp I'm working on with the basic features I think such a system should have :

  - Customers, suppliers and leads management.
  - Calendar
  - Tasks (billable time tracking)
  - Opportunities, Quotes, invoices, credit notes and purchases
  - Expenses (rebillable)
  - Products and services with inventory and moving average costs
  - reporting
  - customer dedicated page

do you have a blog or sth on the detail of making this web app? I would love to follow.

I should definitely open a blog detailing the progress on the webapp. It's just I never felt having the writing skills to do it. But these kind of skills do not come without practicing, so I will surely go ahead and see ...

I'm writing an iPad app for Mediabrowser 3 (mediabrowser3.com) with another developer. Mediabrowser is in the same space as Plex and XBMC. If everything goes well we plan on launching later this month.





We have invested a lot of time and effort into making the app fast. Our mantra from the very beginning was that speed was going to be a keystone feature for our app. The fluidity of scrolling in our views was one of the main things we focused on. We wrote test code that continuously scrolls our views up and down while we profile it. We are utilizing Path's FastImageCache along with a lot of other caching to get the performance levels that we wanted.

We are considering writing a new backend for our client app so we can launch a similar app for XBMC as well.

Really cool, I love the UI. As a Plex user I look forward to some alternatives and competition. I will certainly download this app

This should be an automated post (like whoishiring).

I'm working on a command line spreadsheet app. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/snyBhYH.png

Added a set of questions that customers can answer after starting their Candy Japan subscription. Hopefully this will let me understand them better and help with setting the tone in the way I write, possibly influence product choices and help with marketing.


It's amazing what a nice bunch my customers are. Out of 500 subscribers already 70 have volunteered their time to answer the question set that I just sent out. For typical ecommerce emails, 14% might be the number of people who open an email, but here they not only opened, but clicked through some obscure link on the bottom and spent time answering a long questionnaire for me.

I haven't collected the answers yet, but here are the questions.

- Why they subscribed

- Who will eat the candies?

- Do they have kids?

- Are they into anime?

- Have they been to Japan?

- What are their hobbies?

Also included some that might help with online advertising:

- Age

- Gender

- Education level

- Married?

- Social networks they use

- Other websites they visit (5 people mentioned Hacker News)

I'm thinking of writing up a blog post describing what I learned, will post it later.

As soon as my economy clears up i gonna subscribe.

Working on a Shopify backend for my startup http://originalfuzz.com. We make handwoven Peruvian guitar straps.

Here's my local dev setup: http://i.imgur.com/cb0WuDH.png

New backend uses node and grunt along with the shopify theme manager. I can develop locally and keep it in git. Grunt watches the changes and the shopify theme manager uploads the new files. So I'm able to develop locally with haml and sass and deploy to my Shopify store as I work.

Also using https://github.com/toolsforliving/foundationify to integrate Foundation with Shopify. It's a good setup for anyone that needs to make an e-commerce site.

I'm working on a mini-spreadsheet app for Android. The core idea is to keep notes in a key-value format and do basic spreadsheet functions. I have a prototype but not sure if anyone wants it and if I should invest more time to finish it. Here's a screenshot: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B17zGMpsqZu-clk1RkNfSnNxLXc/.... So, anyone wants this?

I have been working on a salary crowdsourcing platform http://salaryfairy.com

After receiving great feedback from a show HN, we are glad to have been able to implement almost all of the suggestions we received from HN.

screenshot: http://salaryfairy.com/static/fairy/images/report_page_new.p...

Working on getting a '94 miata I recently bought track ready. So far I've installed a rollbar, bled and replaced the brake fluid and fixed a leaky valve cover. I have a brake rotor dial indicator coming in soon so I can diagnose whether the rotors need replacing or not (which will probably be next Saturday's project).

A QA test case management tool integrated with Github Issues.


Designed to be easy to navigate with the keyboard and replace the spreadsheets I normally use on projects.

If anyone out there needs something like this please shoot me an email. Planning on launching a V1 this weekend.

Working on a agile task tracker with some friends (similar to trello, but more dev oriented): http://imgur.com/a/4PF4z .

(written with spring mvc for the server side, angularjs for the client side, use websocket/socks.js).

Will be available as a open source project.

I like the UI a lot actually. Really nice. What are the parts making this one more dev oriented ?

It's still work in progress, but compared to trello:

- it has a flexible tagging system which combined with the search can provide some nice filtering views (on the board view the filtering is done client side and it's applied in real time on new or updated content)

- use of github flavored markdown for comments and description (and code highlight)

- multiple login are supported (at the moment we have oauth2 for google/github/bitbucket, mozilla persona, ldap)

- support for categorizing the tickets in milestones (and a dedicated milestones view)

- a permission system which is quite fine grained

- it's not a SaaS

nice, please provide github link we could bookmark...

Hi, it will be available at https://github.com/digitalfondue/ in a few months.

After the huge success [1] of SoundCloud Instant [2], I started working something else using the SoundCloud API.

For the purpose of surprise, I'll just leave the screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/PP4LN2J.jpg

The prototype is ready and it does what it's supposed to, but it's not ready to be released yet. If you'd like to know when it's ready, you can join my (new) email list: http://eepurl.com/SRIPT

[1] https://twitter.com/TheKaranGoel/status/457563836225056768 [2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7602045

Do you know if there is a Pandora like app for SoundCloud music. Where you can create "radio stations" from SoundCloud artist then plays similar sounding music from SoundCloud.

No I'm not aware of any. Though it's not hard to build something like that (in theory).

So it plays 6 songs at the same time? Neat.

C'mon, what does it do? :)

You're almost right! :p

EDIT: Hint - it makes music discovery easier and less time-consuming.

I love the idea, didn't see last week's but I'll join in today.

Currently working on a project known as Senescere, latin for 'to grow old'. Before working in HVAC optimization, for grad school I was a research assistant to a face recognition laboratory that specialized in digitally aging the face based on statistical data such as race/age/gender. Recently, our system was used by Allure magazine to get the opinions of plastic surgery from college-aged women; we're looking to piggy back the exposure with a web app that you can use to see how you age.

Right now, I have a base front-end built up, though we are tweaking to think of better wording.

Front-end Top Portion (Image from PlaceIt by Breezi)- http://imgur.com/50zZgs3

Front-end Second Portion - http://imgur.com/f48NGGF

After an image gets uploaded, we ask to point out the eyes and nose so we can align all 252 'landmark points' to the face through affine transformation. As of right now, I'm in the process of switching where the payment part comes into play. If someone uploads an image, it is added to their dashboard (where I am currently cleaning up).

Uploaded Face Labeling - http://imgur.com/JvtTcoB

User Dashboard - http://imgur.com/Rk95jTI

Affine Transformation - http://imgur.com/eBeVydI

Once everything is squared away, I'll be looking towards automating our aging process, since it currently is very 'hands on'. If we get enough traction through this, I'd like to branch out from the 'app' area into working with cosmetic companies to build something they can use to show makeup/aging creams without wasting product.

Oh wow that is awesome, the makeup idea is especially solid. Even if you don't end up partnering with a large company, hobbyists and door to door salesmen/women would be a possible market.

More and more of them are already using things like Square in their purchase processes, I imagine having an app on hand to transform clientele beforehand would be pretty enticing.

Yup! My thought process is to have a standalone system installed at cosmetic kiosks in malls. Then, you're not wasting product on someone that doesn't buy, and if someone does want to buy, you've already got a list of products they've tried you can ring them up for.

Payment-wise, I'm going with Stripe, but also going to be adding Paypal into the fold tomorrow.

I want to steer away from the app market since its already overwhelmed with AgeBooth and the like. We're marketing this as more than just slapping a Photoshop filter on your face (ala AgeBooth).

Working on sql dashbaords that allow charting databases in real time: http://www.sqldashboards.com/help/video-tutorial/kdb-databas...

Edit: Ah, I missed the point. Here it is in screenshot form: http://adambard.com/img/screenshots/extsearch.png

My idea is to deliver a fully-customizable drop-in search widget in the form of a javascript snippet. I saw a gap in Adwords coverage for similar searches (I hope it wasn't just Google quashing competition), and thought there might be potential. I did a bit of proof-of-concept coding, and now I'm trying to validate the market.


Before edit:

A competitor to Google Custom Search (yeah, I know) called ExtSearch. Right now there's just a lander at http://getcustomsearch.com/

Good luck! In terms of competition, all I know of is one https://swiftype.com/ (2 yrs old ~$10MM raised)

There's also Searchpath http://searchpath.io

Working on a design & layout app for html. I recently switched to om/react.js and it's been a huge improvement in my workflow. http://i.imgur.com/fvUiUpa.jpg

I'm working on a parallel EEPROM programmer using Arduino. I'm not using the Arduino IDE since it's a pain and instead using vim and cmake.

http://imgur.com/a/IxQs5 https://github.com/manicolosi/ardburno

I'm experimenting with SPI to transfer the addresses to the shift registers faster and as you can see by the serial output, it's not quite reliable yet. Debugging timing issues is tricky.

I'm also making a PCB. I plan on making it using toner transfer method once some blank PCBs arrive.


I'm busy adding splay tree[1] support to OlegDB[2]. The idea is to use them for searching/cursor iteration. If you haven't seen them before they're basically binary trees with the caveat that newly inserted elements are at the top of the tree. Of course, segfaults abound until I get it working...

[1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splay_tree

[2] - https://olegdb.org/

I'm working on a simple expense/income tracker that me and my wife can use. Excel sheets/templates and other finance apps are way too complicated, we both agreed that in the end accounting is as simple as taking down notes in a ledger -- why not enter those entries just as easy as tweeting (categorize expense/income in hashtags, etc.)


It's not as complex or innovative as other accounting systems and projects in here, but it's working out for the both of us and we're using it.


Trying to filter oDesk job postings using a naive Bayesian filter. Using method described in pg's A Plan for Spam.

Naive bayes seems like it would get clobbered on this task... unless maybe you're taking a more simplified approach than I'm imagining.

How's it working out for you?

It's pretty good at tossing out posts that are completely irrelevant, which is most of the crap on oDesk. I.e. I'm a web developer who writes custom code, so it tosses out anything about design or Wordpress. But "web developer who writes custom code" is as good as it gets. It scored "MVC" a 77% chance of being good even though I don't use MVC frameworks.

Yeah I see. If you're essentially doing a multi-round elimination test based on your custom keywords, you might be able to reduce your noise a bit by preprocessing the 'phrase' stream with something like tf-idf (it looks like your working with the raw data right now?). Then you get a list of the keywords in the document, an estimate of how important they are to that document, and you know how important certain keywords are to you. With that info you can try to classify s.t. you admit jobs with a high intersection if keywords that are important to both of you.

I think something along the lines of a knn classifier be pretty efficient at doing that. Anyhow, just a suggestion, I'll leave you alone now ;-)

It's Easter break in Australia - 4 days weekend.

I'm working on http://www.hackathonwatch.com It's a hackathon discovery site - it helps you discover new hackathons.


I've been working on it for several months, but did not really get a chance to add "watch/monitor" feature.

[1]: optimize contractor work flow to increase my ROI

[2]: adding "watch/monitor" feature

I wish it was easier to browse by locations

E.g.: hackatonwatch.com/seattle

Thanks! I totally missed this critical feature.

UPDATE: WOW! Thanks, currently there are more users than the whole week. :D

I've been working on a minimalistic game collection site with Flash and HTML5 games: http://playszone.com/

Why to play here?

    - Big images that actually shows the real game at almost 1:1 scale;
    - Social integration: when you like an item, like on facebook, share on facebook
      or tweet about it, it will be stored on my server. (You have to be logged in 
      in order to work.) 
      - Why this is cool? - You have a feel of accomplishment as you will always try to do all the social tasks. 
      - Where exactly is this? - Everytime you play a game, you have a right navigation with 
      6 buttons. Those are the buttons. 
      (The only problem is the like button which takes a lot longer to get accounted)
    - No ads, at least not in my site. The flash games and some html5 games comes bundled with ads (Any way to remove them?).
    - Minimalist UI, which can be closed (Click on the 3 bars at top right of the page).
    - Played games have an watermark (Only for logged in.).
Interesting views:

- Main: http://playszone.com

- In game (flash) Road of Fury: http://playszone.com/games/id:5334632f8984d74232b8925d/road-...

- In game 2 (flash) The Peacekeeper: http://playszone.com/games/id:5339d19cc6af0b434c2dc9d2/the-p...

- In game (non-flash): http://playszone.com/games/id:5332e034775c56a02cc4a1cf/flapp...

- Submit game: http://playszone.com/submit-game

- Login or register: http://playszone.com/login-or-register

- Categories: http://playszone.com/games

Login required:

- Manage games: http://playszone.com/manage-games

Technology used:

    - Node.js + Express
    - MongoDB + Mongoose
    - Server side rendering with React.js
Anyway, I find very very very hard to promote such a site. :/

I might be missing something, but is this legal? Where are you getting all the games from and why are you trying to remove in-game ads? There's a reason these games are free and while I think users should be allowed to bypass ads using ad-blockers, it seems bad-natured to do it en-masse for everyone.

I know is not a good way to remove the ads. This would create the best experience for the end user. I would like to take another approach to monetization and then of course, reward the actual authors with a part.

Well that just cost me 30 minutes. Excellent. Well done.

Thanks, man ;) hope you come again :D

Yes, please stop, I have work to get done :[

Awesome work!

Thanks man, so happy to know someone is actually enjoying this!!!

The domain name is hard to pronounce.

I know :/ but you can spell it: Play s Zone. If you say Plays Zone someone might miss understand for Place Zone.

You had to tell a friend and he miss spelled?

Been learning Ruby via Learn Code The Hard Way for a part time Rails course that I'm taking over at BrainStation.it https://www.evernote.com/shard/s51/sh/b463df04-03b4-44cc-9f0...

Continuing to work on my bookmarking / high performance link management and archiving system called Metamarks. Will be done in ~2 months.


higher res: http://jonathanlahijani.com/metamarks/metamarks_screenshot_0...

apologies for the repost (had to fiddle with something), but here is a quick and dirty userscript to display imgur links in hacker news threads. I thought it would make screenshot saturdays nicer.


the screenshot i'm posting is everybody's screenshots ^^

I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling recently and have wanted to sign my work, so I added text rendering to the Clojure library I've been using:


Learned a bit about font rendering and Java's awt packages.

I've been using this library, it's quite nice.

I'm working a new product addition for my startup, here's an example of what job postings will look like. We're marketed as a "dating site for companies and people", we help people get their dream jobs and help companies grow in the best way possible.


This looks pretty cool. I like how it shows potential coworkers.


Have you spoken to Snapchat devs about your project? It seems like it violates the ToS, and I suspect that they will shut it down once they hear about it.

Javascript-based axial flux motor simulator. http://imgur.com/Iv5qbFC

Being used to play with parameters for an in-hub solar vehicle motor. The next step is integrating it with FEA-derived flux densities for higher accuracy.


Downvoted? I'm crushed by that kind of response. Deleting now. Apologies. I'll post again next week. Thanks for this great thread.


So, how's it different from the gazillion SE's?

sorry, I just realised this wasn't a screenshot so I removed it - you were fast :-)

I'm sad that domain did not work :(

Got lobi.mobi domain, Have no idea.

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