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All: to judge by the first dozen comments or so, this thread seems headed to a dismayingly low-quality place. When you post, please ensure that whatever opinion your comment expresses, it points in a thoughtful, non-reflexive direction. This leaves lots of room for whatever position you want to articulate—it just requires conscious care.

(Just in case anyone's wondering, I'm saying this purely from the HN side. I learned about this event by seeing it at #1 on the front page five minutes ago and haven't discussed it with anyone at YC.)

Edit: For the curious, the post is being weighed down entirely by user flags.

It might be constructive to create a "top 3 questions from HN to ask the President". For me they would be around political funding & the power of lobby groups, immigration reform and privacy/surveillance.

No one is going to ask him anything the least bit upsetting at an event like this.

I am wondering where all the downvotes are coming from.

They are coming because the bubble that exists around our politicians and the fawning rich upper class and idiot lower class (democrat or republican) is to put it simply, bursting.

People are getting fed up with the ideologue denigrating wealth and success and hard work, then he goes to the rich elite of the elite in silicon valley with his hand out like a common beggar.


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