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I work in a prototyping and fabrication shop, and this is such a common problem. Engineers need shop floor/worksite experience to understand problems at the level the workers see them, but so few have that experience. We regularly receive designs that are impossible or impractical to build. Engineering schools don't seem to have time to teach students this stuff, so while they are "smart" and understand the math, they fall flat when it comes to the "simple" stuff.

I had a "Principles and Practices" class in my undergrad (EE) that used the Hyatt Regency walkway incident as a case study for this exact reason. Raytheon (my first employer) also had a habit of putting EE and ME new grads on production support, so that they could become familiar with the company's products as well as be more conscious of testability and manufacturability issues with designs.

Ah, it's good to hear that. That sort of experience and awareness is absolutely crucial.

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