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Show HN: SoundCloud Instant (karan.github.io)
37 points by _hoa8 on April 17, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 33 comments


> Blocked loading mixed active content "http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"

> Blocked loading mixed active content "http://connect.soundcloud.com/sdk.js"

You're trying to mix HTTPS and HTTP...

I also see that your API key is there in clear. I hope no one can do any bad stuff in your name.

Oh, and it looks like every action is sent to google for statistics ?

> I also see that your API key is there in clear. I hope no one can do any bad stuff in your name.

To OP: The way to fix this is to have the JS make a request to your own server, have your own server make the request to Soundcloud and proxy it back to you. That way you don't have to put your key in the JS, you can keep it on your server.

Is there any way where it does not use a server? I really do not want to use a server here.

Unfortunately not. Since all JS is going to be transferred to the client, if the key is in the JS the client has access to it.

Well the URLs are provided by SoundCloud and jQuery so there's nothing that I can do (other than hosting it myself).

Yeah I just hope no one misuses it.


> Well the URLs are provided by SoundCloud and jQuery so there's nothing that I can do (other than hosting it myself).

Drop the scheme [0], the browser will be smart enough to know whether to use http or https.

[0] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/550038/is-it-valid-to-re...

Apparently SC doesn't like it and for some reason the app is very slow after dropping the scheme.

I made this small app last Saturday solely because I wanted to. Any feedback is welcome.

Oh, and the source code is open: https://github.com/karan/scInstant

EDIT: Right now, it's meant to be used only on desktop. I'm starting to get into frontend stuff, so don't really know how to touch optimize the app. Again, suggestions welcome.

This is great. It would be nice to see the next couple of songs that are going to play and maybe a delete button next to them. A Youtube version would also be useful.

I like the idea but search on YouTube seems to be so inaccurate I'm not sure if it would work nearly as well.

I'm having trouble thinking of how to improve scInstant as it is--it's so pared down and fast and just works! Great job!

I'm glad you like it. Feel free to send any PRs. As long as the UI isn't bloated, I'm happy to merge. :)

I thought about showing next songs, but I want to keep the UI minimal, and not showing the app keeps a bit of surprise factor in there.

It's loading very fast! Cool project. An "add to playlist" button would be cool I think (unless I'm not seeing it).

I'm not sure if this is your type of thing but if you are looking for more ideas I was very impressed by the juketube angular/polymer demos[0]. It'd be very cool to see those projects ported to soundcloud instead of YouTube.


That would need soundcloud auth. I wanted to make a dead simple, click/type and be done app. Thanks though! :)

Great! I guess it is searching little bit too fast so that using browser's back button showing some other results for each key stroke.

This reminds me of Feross Aboukhadijeh his Youtube instant. (http://www.quora.com/What-were-the-main-reasons-why-Feross-A...)

Does the API has rate limit? Are you sending a new query every 200ms? https://github.com/karan/scInstant/blob/gh-pages/app.js#L98

SC doesn't mention a hard limit (it's vague). And yes, 200ms.

Very nice! I had some deja vu when I read the title. I posted an HN thread with the same exact title over two years ago!


I will sell you soundcloudinstant.com for 1 million dollhairs. But really, yours is much better :)

Ah nice. Sorry but I don't have so much moneyz.

Nice work. I'm personally not a huge fan of autoplay, since there's a ton of stuff on SC and the search results aren't always accurate enough.

Volume control would also be ace. Not sure how easy that would be to implement - now that I think about it, I've never seen it on any of their widgets.

Personally I prefer Bandcamp's approach to volume control:


Done with volume control.

    shift up/down - volume

Chiming in with shameless me too self promotion...

I have a similar feature on http://tuned.io/ - it's a soundcloud search with autocomplete; you can play any of the search results instantly, etc.

The music makes for good coding background.

Also, if anyone wants, I setup a list where you can get notified when I make something cool! http://eepurl.com/SRIPT

For all you SoundCloud and 8tracks users, here's a way to load tracks by voice: http://bit.ly/1l8r5yf

Small bug: it reloads the track when I press the volume up / down keys on my keyboard. Using a samsung 7-series notebook.

Well volume control keys don't have a keyCode (or vary from keyboard to keyboard) so I don't think it can be fixed ATM.

FWIW, I just added keyboard shortcuts for volume control though: `shift up/down - volume`

It only allows me to search once, if I try to search for something else, I have to refresh.

That should be fixed now.

i love it but it would be cooler with a full screen UI, there was a soundcloud api hack that would play people's loved/favorited tracks that kind of did that..

I don't think it would be very hard to do that. I implemented the streaming in <audio> tag, which means I'm free to implement the UI myself.

It's on the "audio" branch of my code.

awesome, i'll check it out.

NICE. This shit is dope.

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