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Almost all aggressive reactions are partly contrived and controlled, even if they're occasioned by genuine emotion in the actor. You can see this from the fact that you very rarely see someone give a strongly hostile or contemptuous emotional reaction to their boss or someone else whose reaction they fear.

This is presuming that such fear is always the input to a conscious decision. That doesn't fit my observations of human nature. Power relationships always have some bearing on the nature of an interaction, so what you're saying is comparable to telling an aquatic species that they're wet.

Also, going by what you say, you should have more respect for those who tell truth to power, or tell their more famous/more highly regarded colleagues the plain truth. Perhaps tptacek should be more humble because he's more famous, but if it comes to the choice of him being frustrated by widespread crypto cluelessness or by a desire to dominate others, I think the former makes far more sense.

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