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"I suspect this is often a conflict between the expectations of the children of helicopter parents and my generation."

At 49, I see the exact opposite. Members of my generation tended to exhibit more tact and decorum. The urge to dress like a hobo, swear all the time, and flame everyone in sight is a classic overcompensation for years of helicopter parenting which forbade all of these things.

"In some cases, it's honesty."

In others, it's honesty used as a pretext for acting out.

In others, it's honesty used as a pretext for acting out.

Note I also make this observation.

Also note that I am specifically pointing out reactions to criticism. The other changes in decorum have been noted by previous generations since at least the 1800s. Waltzing was once a lascivious corrosive to society's morals.

Also: we are likely less than 4 years apart in age. I could do with more decorum, as I've been learning over the past 4 years.

I hear you. At the beginning of my career, I always used to be the most offensive person in the room - and I could afford to be, because nobody cared what I thought. Nowadays there are always five people in the room who are more offensive than me, but that won't stop them from complaining if the big bad ogre (me) hurts their feelings. Kids nowadays. ;)

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