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Nice that you composed this list but quite honestly, it isn't very helpful to know what the letters in the acronyms stand for without knowing what these things actually are.

Take AES for example, "Advanced Encryption Standard" doesn't really mean anything. AES is a block cipher, also known as Rijndael. CTR and CBC are block cipher modes. RSA is a public key cryptosystem, etc. The same applies for most of these things in the list.

So if someone doesn't know what these things stand for, they're going to have to go to Wikipedia to check it out anyway, the words behind the acronym are almost as confusing as the acronyms themselves.

"Message Authentication Code" is a lot easier to google for than MAC, and more meaningful in itself too. I found the list helpful.

Yeah, but searching for the actual word is much easier than searching the acronym. Take MAC for example (tried out with german google, so your experience may vary).

I get a cosmetics site, apple.com and store.apple.com, wikipedia article about the mac adress and a clothing site. Message Authentication Code is nowhere to be found.

Yes, I took one of the harder ones, AES is on the first position, but still it is nice to know the words behind an acronym.

I think the list was helpful as well. I know quite a few of those acronyms and what hey mean, but a few I did not know.

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