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It's unfortunate that it was too big for an HN comment, which would probably have prevented it being posted again as a topic. People who are genuinely interested in the book could have searched HN and found the original review. This thread just exists to bash/watch further bashing of the author/book.

This is an incisive criticism, but it's extremely educational in its own right. I would not have read it otherwise.

When working through basic knowledge to mastery of a topic, attempting to teach someone else is an extremely effective way to organize your thoughts and learn yourself. This is why graduate students teach undergraduate students.

The author of the original book shouldn't feel shame for making the mistake of working toward mastery of the topic. But racing to publish is dangerous when the topic is as serious as (heart surgery or) cryptography. A stern warning is worth repeating.

It's fortunate that it was posted again as a topic, as I didn't see the original comment thread and wouldn't have read this review otherwise, and I learned things from it.

Agreed. I don't often flag submissions but I'll be flagging this one.

Most of us already read the review anyway.

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