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Tell HN: Perseids: "Last Chance" for Best Meteor Viewing Tonight (wikipedia.org)
20 points by dawie on Aug 12, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

Sub ASK HN: Where's the best place to view these in the Bay Area?

Anywhere dark and clear, preferably in the mountains or on beaches away from the city. Skyline Blvd has worked well for me.

Probably somewhere on skyline blvd (highway 35). There should be less ambient light up there.

As everyone else said, Skyline Blvd.

You can see them from the city tonight. I saw one just now from my apartment in the Mission. It's unusually clear outside.

I just saw one from my balcony in Mountain View, so if you're too lazy to hop in the car, there's still hope. You'll get better views away from the light pollution, though.

I went and saw the Perseids tonight with a couple of my good friends. There's an undeveloped lot on top of a hill nearby and we had a nice view. I was worried around midnight - it was pretty foggy and you couldn't see more than 50 yards in front of you here in Los Angeles. But by 1:30 AM, it had cleared up and we saw some really beautiful ones.

They moved fast! It was hard to see and catch up with them. By the time one of us pointed one out, it was already gone. But there was one really big, bright one a little around 2:45 AM Pacific Time - really magnificent.

Never would have heard about it if I hadn't seen it here - thanks so much Dawie, was really a fantastic evening.

A lucky hole in our current series of rainstorms gave me horizon-wide clear skies, and the moon was not yet risen. I saw a lovely show, about 2 per minute. (rural West Coast, USA) Thank you very much for the alert.

Just got back from the nearest canyon. Filtered out the light pollution nicely and saw 41 meteors in about 50 minutes.

Sub Ask HN: Where's the best place to view these in Chicago?

Somewhere that's not Chicago. Sorry, sad but true.

We found a local astronomy group and saw it tonight. I probably saw a total of five shooting stars.

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