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Ask HN: Who's Hiring? (take 2)
202 points by qhoxie on Aug 12, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 227 comments
The original "Who's Hiring?" thread was one of the most active threads ever at HN, and I know it did a lot of good for a number of companies and individuals. I think we are due once again for such an opportunity to connect these people.

So, as LukeG put it "Are you hiring? Does your company (or your friend's) have openings? Let HN know!!! Let's get some good people good jobs."


* I got my current job from the previous thread. It has been a pleasure.

* Original: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=375410

We're hiring here at Cloudera.

We're especially interested in web developers who have built and deployed large, extensible applications into production environments. An interest in data visualization and analysis doesn't hurt. We also have some deep distributed storage system hacking problems.

We have a strong preference for open source experience: our team (see http://cloudera.com/about) includes core contributors from the Berkeley DB, Ganglia, Lucene/Nutch, Hadoop, and MooTools projects.

We expect you to communicate ideas clearly, exhibit preternatural intellectual curiosity across a variety of domains, write quality code, and have a consistent focus on improving yourself and the team around you.

If you're interested, drop your CV and a cover letter to jobs@cloudera.com.

Dropbox is hiring -- we need great Python (ideally C/C++ too) hackers. YC '07, later backed by Sequoia and Accel, growing like crazy (almost 2 million users, up from <100k this time last year)

jobs@getdropbox.com, please put "HN" in the subject

Just a thought, but maybe in future installments of this kind of thread it should at least be suggested that people attach things like: (1) where the job is located (2) if telecommuting is an option.

If the job is too far away, it might not be worth my while to even attempt an application.

Great service, keep it up! What will you be looking for 1.5 years from now?

Wow, I just realized it's been a year already since I signed for the pro account..

Keep up the good work Drew!

Automattic runs WordPress.com, Akismet, Polldaddy, IntenseDebate, Gravatar, and more. Here are our open positions:


And information about how we work, which is a lot like an open source project:


If you apply mention [HN] in the subject it'll make it stand out. We typically do a paid trial project of 2-3 weeks on contract before making a full-time offer.

My startup, LightSail Energy, Inc. is an exciting, well-funded startup in the $100 billion field of green tech energy storage. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are seeking to fill several Mechanical Engineering positions. Applicants should have at least 5 years experience in product design of mechanical components.

Please be familiar with at least some of the following:

design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid power, pistons and seals, and multiphase phenomena.

Candidates should be comfortable with 100 kilowatt to multi-megawatt systems. Our needs range from mathematical modeling and design of experimental apparatus during the Research and Development phase, to designing for manufacturability and reliability. The ideal candidate will be a hands-on design engineer who possesses a high level of creativity and innovation required to be a valuable asset to the company.

Interested? Please send your resume to jobs@lightsailenergy.com.

No materials engineers?

Not at this point: we're not focussing on the design of materials, but their application. We are, however, interested in tribologists and other seal experts.

Citrusbyte http://www.citrusbyte.com is hiring software engineers. We're based in Los Angeles and build custom web applications of all types. While we mainly work in Ruby, we believe in using the best tool for the task independent of language. On previous projects we have written custom ejabberd modules in Erlang, bots in Python+Twisted, and Tokyo Tyrant extensions with Lua, among others. Ability to self-manage is crucial. Feel free to apply even if you are new to Ruby if you have significant experience in another web framework (Django, Catalyst, Ocsigen, etc) and know HTTP inside-out.

If you are interested, send an email to jobs@citrusbyte.com subject "200908 dev application". Include a file named <yourfirstname>_<yourlastname>-phase1.tar.gz with code in any language that does the following:

Given a word, output all anagrams of that word that are legitimate words. Notes: use a reasonable dictionary of your choice, for sample input "EAR" your output should be "ARE ERA", this will be benchmarked

We're looking for an Android and/or iPhone part-timer or intern (we'll likely offer you a full time job in about 2 months, but we frankly can't afford it right now). It's fine if you don't know ObjectiveC+Java+Clojure+JS+Lisp. (although, ideally, you should know at least one of them).

Technology: We have a fairly complete Common Lisp back end and are developing various front ends (mobile web, full web, iPhone, Android) now. Built on top of a BerkelyDB key/value store (Elephant with some secret sauce). Stateless sessions, almost completely static frontends, novel (and fast+scalable) architecture. A lot of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing on the back end, and we're toying with the idea of some novel UIs on the front end.

Business: We can get funded now, but are looking to do a regional launch in Boston (and/or NYC) in September in order to push our valuation up. We are small now (2 business people + 2 technical peoples) but given the founders' pedigrees it's very likely we will be funded with favorable terms when we are ready.

I can't say too much about the company, but email me if you are interested (for what it's worth, I'm not a founder - I'm just in charge of the technical stuff).

Bump Technologies is looking for Java or Mobile developers: http://bumptechnologies.com/jobs.phtml

If you don't know Bump, our technology let's two phones connect by bumping them together. Currently we let users exchange contacts and photos (but more is on the way). We are YCS09, featured in Apple's most recent TV commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giBNazD-Lm4) and currently #3 free app overall on iTunes.

In general we are just looking for really smart people that are excited about Bump and fit in with the team. Although we haven't posted a job yet we are also looking for someone to help with scaling (good at algorithms, optimizing apache2, SSL/HTTPS, and mod_python). If you think that architecting and scaling a real-time matching algorithm across geography and millions of users sounds interesting please get in touch.

We would love to hear from anyone interested: jobs@bumptechnologies.com

Twitter is hiring: http://twitter.com/jobs

A lot of different roles for engineers, come join us.

Blackhole alert: I did apply at twitter a month and a half ago, and never got a reply back. Neither positive, or negative.

They probably do get too many applications. They are like the brangelina of sillicon valley right now.

I'm really not a big fan of online application forms - is there an email address I can contact?

Heyzap.com (YC09) is expanding fast and we're hiring for our 4th team member (engineer) as well as interns to join us in our San Francisco office!

send us your details! - jobs@heyzap.com

More info here: http://www.heyzap.com/docs/jobs

Yahoo has an opening on for their application platform team.

Expert javascript a must, PHP and/or Java a plus.

It's a tough role, but rewarding. I've held the position for the last year and half, and it's been a good experience. (I'm moving over to YUI.)

Great team, lots of interesting problems to solve.

I'm on this team, working with javascript with a side of PHP. Isaac nailed the description and we hope you'll consider the challenge.

It's an awesome group with plenty of engaging problems left to solve. Gearing up for the Y! Homepage is only one of them.

More: http://developer.yahoo.com/yap/

If interested, send your resume to rburke at yahoo-inc dot com and include Hacker News in the subject.

Applying in the yahoo career portal is the worst crap they don't even review the application but they call them self as hiring.

But... why are you going through the career portal anyhow...?

You've got someone (reid) here who's currently on the team, and me, who's leaving the team and creating the opening. We're giving you email addresses and offering to send your resume directly to the hiring manager.

It seems like you just want to complain. For the record, yes, Yahoo recruiters do review the applications submitted to the career portal, as well as resumes posted just about anywhere else. Maybe you're just bitter because you weren't hired?

I'm not trying to be a jackass here so I apologize if I come off that way, but what's the YUI team up to? I havn't seen a bugfix update to the 2.0 branch in a while. Is everyone focused on 3.0?

No worries, it's a pretty valid question.

AFAIK, the only development on YUI2 is to fix "significant" (ie, new and/or awful) bugs, and to remove forks and special code that was in place for deprecated browsers (ie, safari 1.0 stuff, mostly.)

All the new development is happening on YUI3.

I'm not an authority on the matter, of course, since I've only been on the team for -1 week ;)

No need for downmods; nostrademons works at Google.

However, won't HN people applying through that method just be sent in to a black hole?

If you're someone whose username I'd recognize, you can send me a resume (my e-mail is in my HN profile) and I can refer you. That sends you to the top of the pile that HR looks at (technically, I think it's two separate queues, and they empty the referral queue before they look at the slushpile), though you still have to get through the interview process. I got in through a referral - I'm guessing it helps quite a bit. And there's a nifty bonus for me if you're accepted. :-)

Does Google even hire people who care any more? Does it only hire people who interview really well? From what I've gathered, most people who get through the HR disaster there these days (old times are exempt; decentralizing hiring is the first sign of impending disaster) really aren't that smart; maybe they've merely perfected a sort of slimy smooth-talking (literally speaking), typical of most salesmen.

As much as I want to still love Google, it's getting harder every day. Even my original suggestion regarding pixel space amounts on the search results page template seems to have been implemented recently:


Yeah, I'm a wee bit irked; I think I deserved a bit more than the lie-wielding form rejection email from my application somewhere back in early 2005 or so. And don't even get me started on the fact that Google went and doubled the limit of receiving pay on my AdSense account sometime last year; so I've still not even seen anything from that.

So as much as I still want to love Google, it is getting harder every day. Your comment regarding "Nooglers" is actually pretty funny considering how many of them, like me, have probably been really diligent in their quest to get hired just about anywhere.

I know Nostrademons in person, who was recently hired by Google, and I can vouch that he does care, is extremely smart, and isn't a slimy salesman. Though it's getting larger, and hence more bureaucratic (from what I've heard on the outside), Google still has the best data in the world and hence attracts world-class engineers.

Besides a referral what got you in there? I can't imagine, from what I've read, that it is an easy task once they give you call back.

If you believe my recruiter, it was previous startup experience, strong CS fundamentals, and good JavaScript knowledge. In other words, I had a skill set that they needed and seemed like a person who could get things done. Pretty standard stuff.

The interview process was less difficult than I thought it would be. 1 phone screen, 4 (supposed to be 5, but one never showed up) in-person interviews over a day. I'd thought I'd flubbed it when I got out, but apparently the interview feedback was quite positive.

If I had to guess what makes most candidates bomb, it's that they don't have sufficient depth in the positions they're interviewing for. For example, at the end of one of my interview problems, the interviewer asked me "And how would you attach that event handler?" And I replied "Well, if it was IE, I'd use element.addEventListener('mouseover', fn, true). If it was a standards-compliant browser, I'd use element.attachEvent('mouseover', fn)." Note that that's wrong - it's backwards. But the interviewer didn't care. He just wanted to make sure that I was aware of those functions, because so many of the people he interviews would just say element.onmouseover = fn.

Similarly, most of the disastrous product-manager interviews I've heard of have been because the candidate would give handwavey answers and couldn't clarify what he meant or figure out how to support his opinions with data, even when prompted by the interviewer. Google culture really prizes precision, perfectionism, and strong opinions backed up with data - if you're used to finding the first Google hit on the web, implementing something by copying and modifying that, and then saying "Okay, it's done," you really won't fit in here.

What's wrong with "element.onmouseover = fn", by the way?

In this way you can attach just one function to the event. Other way allows for more flexibility.



But I guess interviewer was not implying onmouseover was "wrong", just probing how much does candidate know about the topic.

In this way you can attach just one function to the event. Other way allows for more flexibility.

Alright. To me it sounded a bit like onmouseover was used only by bad programmers.

I'm kinda curious why you would ever use onmouseover when attachEvent/addEventListener are available? I just took out the remaining calls to .onEvent handlers in websearch's JS library - the only browsers that don't support the W3C/IE event models are so ancient that they don't get JS anyway, and there's not much point using a method that's unnecessary on modern browsers and does the wrong thing anyway.

So yeah, my interviewer wasn't implying that onmouseover is used only by bad programmers, but I am. ;-)

Maybe I only need one event handler, or maybe I've baked a function that calls another function?

Besides, I'd rather use one standard method that works across browsers than choose one based on the user's browser. Would you call that bad programming? :p

Nowadays I generally use jQuery (.click(fn)) though.

Ah, okay. Most of the stuff I've worked on adds events through a library (eg. jQuery.click(fn)), and there's no reason for that library to use onmouseover etc.

They always say they are - they spam craigslist every week like clockwork - but I haven't heard of anyone being hired in quite awhile. There were rumors of a undisclosed hiring freeze awhile back; I wonder if things ever got better.

Quite untrue - I was hired about 2 weeks after the "hiring freeze" was rumored.

We have a Noogler starting in my department this week, so there's obviously not a hiring freeze. He's the first (in my department) since me and one other person were hired back in January, so the rate is obviously slow. I know a bunch of Nooglers that recently started on internal infrastructure projects though.

You have provided some excellent information here for people interested in getting a job at Google. You seem like a friendly, bright, and helpful person. So I say this with respect for you and for your own benefit. You must never, under any circumstances, ever use the word "Noogler" ever again.

FWIW, two of my friends got offers in the last two months.

If anyone is in the so cal area, we've started hiring as fast as we can in the Irvine office.

Does the Boston/Cambridge office hire interns?

http://GetGambit.com is. YC & Facebook alum. One of the leading companies monetizing online games today. We are profitable too:O

Let me know what you'd like to be developing, noah [at] getgambit.com

Note: Noah is awesome. Go work for him :) (he's almost single-handedly made me successful)

Academia.edu is hiring:


Academia.edu helps academics answer the question ‘who’s researching what?’ We have a very engineer-driven culture, and we are looking for an ambitious and product-obsessed software engineer to join the founding team. We describe more of the qualities we are looking for on http://www.academia.edu/jobs

How'd you get the .edu domain if you're a company?

looks like it was acquired from a previous registrant whose ownership against the later .edu rules had been grandfathered, therefore liable to get dropped from the zone file at some point in the future should the service ever become popular.

Gilt Groupe (www.gilt.com) is hiring for a wide variety of technical positions. We have a rapidly growing revenue stream and interesting technical problems to work on (building a distributed commerce platform which can absorb 100x request rate spikes, peaking at Amazon levels). Most of our systems are in Ruby or Java, but if you have the right experience using any language, we want to talk to you.

Righteous, gilt.com is great. Thanks for the bag!

yo give me an invite.


Justin.tv is: www.justin.tv/jobs

Send us an email - it's a great place for developers and we always love getting news.yc applicants.

I've never seen justin.tv not hiring, and it always seems to be the same positions - do you guys actually hire people? :)

From 4 founders to a company of more than 20, so yes, we do.

I'm guessing that continuous hiring means getting the best when they're available, not getting whatever is available when you need it today.

Accenture and Google spam news sites and job boards all the time. Luckily, Google shut down the local office in my city. If they can't find an "HTML/Javascript/CSS developer" in a city filled with students, they are either idiots or not hiring.

Dakim, Inc. is the leading provider of brain fitness among America's senior living providers. We help seniors use rigorous cognitive exercise to prevent or slow the development of dementia. At least, that's what our marketing people say. I say it slightly differently: "We help seniors remember their grandchildren for a few months or years longer than they would otherwise."

We started in 2005, are venture-funded, and are not yet profitable. We're raising our 2nd round of venture funding right now. All employees get stock options, and we have medical, dental, and vision coverage.

We're looking for people who will work out of our Santa Monica, CA office. It's a casual office environment with really good coffee, and people often bring their dogs in to work. Today there's a Neapolitan Mastiff (http://twitpic.com/cwjfl) and a Chihuahua here.

Our touchscreen appliance (visible in the picture at the link above) runs Ubuntu Linux, and most of our infrastructure is Linux-based, with a few Windows (SQL Server) and OS X boxes. Our GUI software is written in REALbasic, and our system administration scripts are BASH and Python.

We're also in the process of developing a software-only installable product that will run on OS X and Windows.

Our desktops are OS X or Linux (your choice) with two big-ass monitors per person. We do well (but not 100%) on the Joel test, and are always looking for ways to make our work more efficient and productive.

Our biggest need right now is for someone in a combined Linux System Administration and QA Automation role. This would entail everything from installing and configuring Postfix to automating install testing for our Windows product.

We're also looking for QA Engineers for the Windows/OS X Product, and for additional support people, again, with Windows and OS X experience. Linux experience for both the QA Engineers and the support people is a huge plus.

To avoid getting put in the "Craigslist" mountain of resumes, send a cover letter and resume directly to me: schof at dakim.com

Amazon Web Services is hiring!

There's a job listing at http://aws.amazon.com/jobs (as I write this there are 48 listings). We need hard-core developers, testers, product managers, marketing managers, support engineers, sales folks, and business developers.

If you know me and vice-versa (sitting in the audience at a conference and hearing me speak is generally not sufficient to establish this condition), track me down and send me a resume so that I can do a personal referral.

Otherwise, follow the directions on the site.

To start, we are hiring at AboutUs in Portland, OR. We need more Rails hackers to help us scale outward and develop new aspects of our application.

We are a top 10 Rails site and get to deal with intriguing issues every day. Solving massive scaling challenges while pairing with people like Ward Cunningham (our CTO) is how we work - it could not be any more fun and engaging.

Check out our jobs page for the full run-down: http://www.aboutus.org/AboutUs.org/Jobs/Developer

Humble note from international talent: please specify whether you could sponsor any work visa in the country where you are hiring.

" please specify whether you could sponsor any work visa in the country where you are hiring."

and whether international tele commuting would be a valid option. (I'd guess not, most of the time, but it doesn't hurt to ask)

We (BackType) are looking for an engineer to join the founding team:


CareCloud http://www.carecloud.com is hiring software developers. Our offices are located in Miami, FL and we are developing a Web-based Healthcare platform. We need Java, Groovy/Grails, Ruby on Rails and Flex developers preferably with strong enterprise/soa knowledge.




If you are interested, send an email to careers@carecloud.com to contact us directly.

Songkick is hiring.

We're based in London, Ruby on Rails (but if you're good, we'll help you make the switch), great team, growing rapidly.

Currently looking for: Junior Dev, Application Dev, QA Lead.

Due to need to get these roles filled we're favouring EU-based candidates, but if you're elsewhere we will be hiring throughout the year so get in touch regardless. We do sponsor visas, and already have a very international team. No remote working, however.

See http://www.songkick.com/info/jobs

3banana is hiring -- we have an iPhone, Android, and web app.

We speak scala, Obj-C, Java, python.

Problem we are solving:

I have all these bits of information that I want to find again, emailing them to myself is just a mess. What was the name of the movie Ed said I should watch? That was a really funny sign, where did I throw the photo again?

3banana makes it easy to capture and share information.

You throw it into the iPhone / Android / Web, and you find things using hashtags.

"surf wise #movie" "chasing ghosts #movie"

All the platforms are synced up, and you can share to twitter/facebook with one click.

We are half a block from sunny South Park in SF.

Shoot us an email at hn@3banana.com


A 14 year old startup from Melbourne, Australia is hiring:

- Software Test Engineer

- .NET Developer

- Front End Developer/Designer (proficient in HTML/CSS/JS)

The front end developer job is not yet posted, but they're trying to find another me. Activity on HN and similar shows a commitment and interest in the field.


FreshBooks is hiring developers, support, designers, a customer network manager (think group facilitator for thousands of people at once), and business development / product managers.

Yes, that's a lot. We're growing fast. And we're in Toronto, which is awesome.


There are some jobs at Yahoo! e.g. (http://careers.yahoo.com/jsearchresults.php?key=&jcat=8&...)

I've seen some awesome positions recently such as front-end developers for Flickr and engineering in our cloud teams.

Feel free to email me if you are interested. My email is on my profile and I'll make sure someone looks your resume.

Hi! TickrTalk is hiring a Rails developer.


I'm also hiring sales reps for another one of my startups, Classleaf.


The FarmVille (#1 app on Facebook) team that is hiring devs and PMs.

Having gone from 0 to 7million+ daily users in 2 months, we're tackling a TON of challenging scaling and engineering problems daily. If you want to work with a VERY fast moving and super driven team of developers working on a fun product that's constantly evolving, contact me. amahajan [at] zynga dot com. Please put HN somewhere in the subject so I know you're awesome :)

Gilt Groupe: http://www.gilt.com/company/careers

See our profile at http://www.crunchbase.com/company/giltgroupe

We run 36-hour sales of discounted luxury goods.

Contact me at amanfredi@gilt.com

CollegeHumor is hiring two PHP / MySQL developers. We are located in New York City. If your interested email techjobs@connectedventures.com for more info.

LinkedIn is hiring like mad. Web developers, ui designers and java engineers. http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=jobs_open

Intent Media is hiring in NYC: http://www.intentmedia.com/im-jobs

Small team right now. Ruby. Java. Agile. Well funded.

Hit me up directly (kurt@intentmedia.com) or work@intentmedia.com if you're interested.

Is anyone hiring part time?

(And while this may not be the most appropriate place... Advice on finding a programming job for a 16 year old with a year+ of programming (job) experience and significant knowledge of multiple popular languages?)

do you know rails? ping me an email if you're interested. We're based in Cambridge, UK - but maybe can come up with some remote working stuff.

Matasano is hiring.

NYC or Chicago: security research consultant. Abuse software professionally. Strong programming skills req'd.

Chicago: Rails/jQ front-end developer, for our product work.


Pattern Insight is hiring

We are a startup based in Mountain View, CA building next generation semi-structured analysis and search platform


FreshBooks is hiring a ton of people right now. Some that are not even on the hiring page. I can attest that it is a very awesome place to work.


(tell 'em in the email that you found out about the opportunity from Hacker News, the founder loves ycombinator)

Freshbooks is awesome. I started using it about 6 months ago and it reminds me of 37signals products in the sense that just using it you get the idea that it would be a good place to work.

Do you know if they are hiring developers?

Oh yeah, we are always looking for developers. Especially smart ones.

Another cool thing about being a developer/designer at FB is that they encourage side projects. Proof? http://www.guestlistapp.com/about/ http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php

And here is head of dev tweeting about them: http://twitter.com/barsoomcore/statuses/3224450516

Here is VP of Marketing tweeting about them: http://twitter.com/MitchSolway/statuses/3210081160

Our very own "Queen of Hearts" (social media++ girl): http://twitter.com/rlangdon/statuses/3178658450

They totally understand that if you are going to get great developers you should expect that they will have side projects. Side projects hone skills and expand horizons.

You may not know this, but it's worth asking: What are the Canadian immigration laws like regarding non-Canadian citizens coming to work there?

Depends where you are coming from. Basically, the way I understand it is like this:

Platinum: From Great Britain, automatic acceptance, some sort of old law that is still on the books. Gold: From United States w/ BSc, BASc, BEng, BMath, CS, etc... If you have a white collar job offer it is basically a shoe in. Silver: A whole host of countries (New Zealand, AUS, Israel, Germany, China, Korea) w/ a family member or a job offer. Bronze: A refugee. Or from a country like South Africa. Harder to get in. Get on a waiting list, wait for years till something gets triggered. Denied: Palestine, Iran (except to study, or unless you are Bahia)

Check with a lawyer though. I'm certainly no expert, I just repeat the experiences of my friends.

http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/tool/index.as... Is the Canadian "eligibility tool"

http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/apply-who.asp Is the "who should apply" link

-Quote- If you meet these minimum requirements, your application will then be processed according to the six selection factors in the skilled worker points grid. The six selection factors are:

your education your abilities in English and/or French, Canada’s two official languages your work experience your age whether you have arranged employment in Canada, and your adaptability. -End Quote-

Awesome, thank you for taking the time to provide so much detail.

JamLegend.com is hiring our first two team members (engineers) to join our gang of three in San Francisco.

If you love changing the way people experience music and games on the web, send us an e-mail at jobs@jamlegend.com .

More info here: http://www.jamlegend.com/jobs

Yelp is hiring: http://www.yelp.com/jobs

We're in San Francisco.

We're hiring just about every engineering position. The ones we list on the front jobs page are:

- Web Developer

- Mobile / iPhone Developer

- Search / Data-Mining Engineer

- Back-end Engineer

But if you don't fit into any of those buckets, that's probably cool too.

Oh, and we're also looking for a Product Manager.

TripAdvisor is always looking for good people, my team is especially awesome, and it's a great place to work. We're based outside of Boston and work in Java or PHP.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

SlideShare is hiring a senior software engineer (I've been interviewing people for the position all day). http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/eng/1309674762.html

Someone with a serious Ruby background would be perfect, but we're open-minded ... if you've built cool stuff in other interpreted languages that's also OK.

Email me at jobs@slideshare.com (that goes direct to my inbox)

-Jonathan Boutelle CTO, SlideShare

AM Analytics (amanalytics.com) is seeking a talented web application developer to lead the development of our social media and market intelligence dashboard.

AM Analytics is a web startup committed to building the most comprehensive social media and market intelligence dashboard available. The AM Analytics team is a combination of individuals passionate about leveraging social media to help businesses make informed decisions. Our current team has backgrounds in internet technology, government security, financial analysis, community building, market intelligence and consumer psychology. Although our team's education and experience is diverse, our goal is to deliver a single, integrated social media analytics platform to our customers.


As the lead web application developer you will own the application design, implementation, and maintenance of the AM Analytics platform.


    * Experience with web scripting and application languages (Python, Ruby, etc)
    * Experience working in an open source development environment (Linux, Apache, SVN)
    * Experience with Model-View-Controller (MVC) web frameworks (Django, Ruby on Rails)
    * Experience with REST(like) API's, XML parsing / handling, JSON, etc.
    * Expertise in HTML/CSS, including familiarity with good information and aesthetic design principles.
    * Experience with Flash / Action Script 3.

Big Plus:

    * Prior social media application development experience.
    * Fun person to hang out with.
    * Enjoy building an innovative web application that makes customers happy.
Interested? Please email alex@amanalytics.com for details.

CrowdVine is hiring a sales rep for the conference side of our business to process inbound requests. We're four people and have been profitable for two years without anyone dedicated in this role. I'm the founder and owner and can be reached at tony at crowdvine dot com.

I think it's interesting how few companies on this list have non-technical roles. I know there are people on the business side on this site and that they have a lot to offer.

Fluther is hiring for employee #1 (full-time).

We're looking for an awesome backend-engineer/curious-thinker/olympic-whistler with sys/db knowledge, but many hats will be required. Dabbling is good. Python/Django/MySQL is a plus.

Our office is in SF in the Mission.

jobs at fluther dot com.

http://www.presencetelecare.com/ is looking for a lead engineer (first technical employee).

Details at http://presencetelecare.com/careers#1226ffb63eb89022_OLE_LIN...

I'm not affiliated with them, but I know the founders are looking high and low for the right person.

I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere on the site, but where are they based out of? I have a friend whose sister is autistic and whose mother became a speech pathologist because she couldn't find any "good" ones in the area (and have done some technical work there in the past). However, I'm one of those unwilling to relocate right now types.

They're in SF, near south park.

Offbeat Creations is looking for a great Flash programmer to do client/server work interfacing to our Rails backend, and a great Rails programmer to build backends for our soon-to-be-awesome Flash front ends (we also do web front ends too!)

Any experience with mid-size scale would be great too!

We're in the Seattle area, and have found we don't work well with remote people.

Email to jobs@offbeat-creations.com for either position

Loopt is hiring. http://www.loopt.com/jobs

We're hiring here at Graffiti in San Francisco for a new project (unrelated to Graffiti) called Interests. It's a huge endeavor that's challenging and rewarding to work on.

We're looking for an extremely talented software engineer. We're a three person team and you would be our first full-time employee.

Email us at hn.jobs.tmt@gmail.com for more information and/or to send your resume.

Cold Brew Labs (based in Palo Alto & NYC) is a 2-person startup building mobile shopping applications.

We're hiring, and just closed our seed round with some great folks from mobile, consumer internet, and retail. Our first app is in review, but we have a lot of things to build, so definitely looking for good engineers / designers! jobs@coldbrewlabs.com

I have worked next door to bens in the past, and attest to the mind boggling creativity he commands. I highly recommend working with him.

Triggit is hiring. We are looking for engineers, online ad sales people and account managers. We are in San Francisco CA, venture funded and profitable. Come check us out

Fleaflicker is hiring--looking for software engineers with large-scale webapp experience.


We're hiring interns at the moment. Internet marketing, designers and developers. Anyone that has a basic background and is will to learn is considered.


Currently sorting through 100+ candidates, but HN readers would clearly go to the top of the list.

Would you be looking for interns in Jan 2010? I'm currently in the valley on an internship, heading back to school for 4 months in sept, and then an intern candidate again :D

We are always looking for interns. We're located in Brooklyn, NY. You're welcome to stop by anytime!


Just to clarify. We are in Brooklyn, NY. Apply here: jobs@mybanktracker.com

Gravity Mobile of San Francisco, CA is hiring talented mobile engineers. We prefer Java/C/C++ programmers with experience in Java ME, WinMo, Pre, or BREW but would consider iPhone developers with a track-record of published applications. Here's our website (http://www.gravitymobile.com)

We're a small boutique software house. (Less than 20 people) However, we work directly with some of the biggest companies out there. (Verizon, AT&T, Major League Baseball, Pandora)

While not a startup (we're a subsidiary of Gracenote which is a subsidiary of Sony corp) we like to work in 'startup' mode as much as possible (except the crazy hours)

If you're interested, and can legally work in the States, email haseman -at- gravitymobile +dot+ com

Wow, what recession?

Zenbe is hiring Java and Rails developers for our Tribeca NYC office.


Children's Progress, a small New York City based data-driven-education company, is hiring.


Not to nitpick, but the job description lists "expert knowledge" for 12 different technologies. Seriously?

It says that it would be nice for the applicant to have at least a few, not necessarily all of them.

Mxapp is hiring - Early stage startup doing online ordering and mobile ordering for restaurants. Looking for people who are PHP experts with having experience javascript and Drupal a big plus. Also looking for mobile software developers, especially Blackberry and Android. Lots of big engineering challenges with what we're doing and looking for people passionate about helping to solve them. We're located in Minneapolis, MN. E-Mail kylec at mxapp dot com with resume and nice letter if you're interested in applying or just drop a line if you want more info.

I am from the Philippines. No US Visa. Willing to travel anywhere.

Do I have the slightest chance of getting hired from the HN posts?

I am from Uzbekistan and I found my job at DISQUS via Hacker News.

So you work in US or Uzbekistan ? If in US, how did you arrange for US visa ?

I work in the States. Daniel (our CEO) made all arrangements, I applied for a visa in Tashkent and got it.

That's good to hear. I wonder how many start-ups would go all the way for the hassle of making all the arrangements in hiring someone from another country.

Awesome. Do u have an H1b visa? Good on Daniel for sorting it out. Doesn't it get expensive for a startup to sponsor H1b visa btw?

If you're a UI designer, yes. Shoot us an email, start late September. Work from home, please (I want to go to the Philippines anyway ;-)

Super Rewards is hiring in the SF area. We monetize social gaming through virtual currency. It's an amazing experience to see this market from the inside.

We're very profitable and growing like crazy. In fact, we were recently acquired by Adknowledge: http://bit.ly/yNr0h. The bulk of our work is PHP, though you're free to work in your own language when not developing in the MVC stack. I do a lot of Ruby hacking personally.

Being a board gamer is a plus. We like to game in our downtime!

E-mail me if interested: joshuaxls@gmail.com

Meebo's hiring all sorts of engineers: server-side, front-end, ops, data geeks.

Check out the openings here: http://www.meebo.com/jobs/openings/

I realize this goes against the HN grain, but is anybody looking for product management or marketing folks?

Braintree Payment Solutions is hiring Ruby developers in Chicago. http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/5405

My group at an investment bank in NYC is looking for a developer to join our high frequency order management system. The technology challenge is reducing latency for quantitative/algorithmic black box clients and the resulting arms race is fun to participate in. We code in core Java but are looking to bring in people who are great problem solvers, rather than Java experts. If you're interested send me an email: hockeytops1 [at] yahoo.com

Any one hiring in india?

EDIT: I would love to hear what exactly is "offending" people in the following.

"Any one hiring in india?"

As far as I can see all the jobs above are in the United States.

(Edit : changed order of paragraphs to address Paras's comment below)

Most software companies in India are either body shoppers (TCS, Wipro, Infosys) or are "Offshore Developement Centres" (ODC) (e.g IBM, Intuit, etc) which do crap work no one in the US offices want to do. Neither type needs or inspires great engineers.

Indian companies aren't (by and large) startups and/or doing technically sophisticated things, which is what would need great (vs just decent, or worse) engineers.). When you have an industry dominated by outsourcing/ODC it is hard to find a engineering focussed organizations.

Even the India centres of great companies like Google or Yahoo do (comparatively) uninteresting work - I have friends in both Google Bangalore and Yahoo Bangalore and they confirm this. Yahoo Blr does mostly operations , the "Yahoo Research" division in Bangalore is a joke. Google Bangalore is not much better, though it has a couple of US returned engineers who are decent but by and large no really great projects happen here. Goog blr doesn't have much of a reputation within Google either.

To get the kind of jobs advertised here, one of two things needs to happen (1) India develops its own rich ecosystem of technically sophisticated startups (except a couple of very small unfunded startups, most are just trying to copy existing ideas and don't need any skills beyond pretty generic php mysql etc) or (2) great engineers in India should be able to telecommute for the startups advertised here.

Neither situation exists today, which is a tragedy. I know seriously good people who don't want to go through the visa/greencard grind and so are stuck in awful jobs.

All that said, I'll be glad to be proved wrong. If there are any Indian startups which are (1) funded (enough to apay a decent salary) (2) doing (technically) interesting things and (3) looking for great engineers, I hope they add a job listing here.

>Indian companies aren't (by and large) startups and/or doing technically sophisticated things , which is what would need great (vs just decent, or worse) engineers.

I downvoted you because of the offensive generalization you made. I would have appreciated a thoughtful analysis rather than a general bash that your reply seems to be.

"I downvoted you because of the offensive generalization you made."

Interesting. Why should you be offended? Let's take a look at the statement you quoted as "offensive".

"Indian companies aren't (by and large) startups and/or doing technically sophisticated things , which is what would need great (vs just decent, or worse) engineers."

The "by and large" bit of the statement you quoted is a qualifier that means exactly what it says. In other words by saying

I am saying

(1) Most Indian companies aren't startups. (But a few are). (2) Most Indian companies aren't doing technically sophisticated things. (But a few - in this case a very small minority) are.

If you think either of those statements are wrong, please make a counter argument with logic or facts instead of being "offended". I would love to hear a convincing argument that most Indian companies are startups and/or that they are doing technically sophisticated things.

That said, downvote away if it makes you happy! I couldn't care less about my karma score! Downvoting is your privilege as a member of HN. Whether you use that privilege blindly or thoughtfully is completely up to you. :-)

PS: I am Indian, live and work in India etc, fwiw.

(1) Most companies in the world (including US) aren't startups. I don't see how that case is special to India.

(2) Most companies in the world (including US) aren't doing technically sophisticated things. I don't see how that case is special to India.

Even if data shows otherwise, it is unfair to put a qualifier "by and large" and then start the bashing. That is a safety device you have adopted.

It doesn't really matter if you are Indian or not. Your argument should stand for you, not for the country you belong to.

"It doesn't really matter if you are Indian or not. Your argument should stand for you, not for the country you belong to"

Oh I completely agree. I was just wondering if you thought I was some Non Indian "bashing" Indians. Good to know you are not.

"(1) Most companies in the world (including US) aren't startups. I don't see how that case is special to India.

(2) Most companies in the world (including US) aren't doing technically sophisticated things. I don't see how that case is special to India."

First adressing the point you make above, I did follow up with a paragraph (in the OP) on how Indian companies are mostly outsourcing based or ODC's attempting to do low quality work their parent organizations shift to India. In other words I am making a direct Causal link between the fact that most compoanies in India do bodyshopping/outsourcing to why great enginers find working here frustrating.I've edited the order of paragraphs to represent that emphasis if it weren't clear.

You were the one who chose that sentence as specifically "offensive". Pointing out that this isn't specific to India isn't the same as being "offended".

If you are saying that there are companies, especially startups in India that match the technological sophistication of say Facebook or Google, I'd love to hear specific cases. I hold my opinions very loosely and am quite willing to be corrected/

That said, "Even if data shows otherwise, it is unfair to put a qualifier "by and large" and then start the bashing. That is a safety device you have adopted."

I am not "bashng" anyone. I don't need a "safety device". What I wrote is what I genuinely believe. I am not a politician trying to convince anyone to think as I do!

This is a completely wrong argument. What "the data shows" is what is important. Instead of trying to guess my intent ("bashing" , "offending" and so on, without much to base these judgments on), why don't you counter my argument?

My argument is that outsourcing companies are very common and sophisticated startups are very very rare (practically no existent and less than say about 15 or so in number at most) in India and consequently there isn't a large market for really good engineers, who mostly migrate to the USA.

If you believe I am wrong,here is a challenge for you. why don't you name some Indian startups (say 10 would do) which are (a) funded (b) doing technologically sophisticated software? That way all of us benefit.

Glusterfs comes to mind. Some of the code from that project is simply way out of the ballpark. Check the 'continuation across network' macro in one of the C header files, if you don't want to take my word for it.

It's more sophisticated than anything else that I've seen in a long long time.

The stereotypes you are referring to exist but they are not the one and only rule. And weasel words ('the safety device') are not needed, you could simply take your own medicine and do your research yourself, then eat some crow.

The Indian software landscape is too large and too diverse to make such sweeping generalizations by one person with a possibly limited view of things. I'd hazard such a statement about my own country, which is a LOT smaller than India.

The outsourcing wave has put lots of money into the Indian economy, and just like what happened in Japan after drudgework and copying comes a wave of innovation. You can't stop that cycle. India is not doomed to be an outsourcing venue for ever, they'll be a force to reckon with (and in fact, already are).

Expect a large wave of startups from the region in the next 5 years, they have one headstart over everybody else, ramen profitable there means hosting + $500 / month.


Strange that you use GlusterFS as an example.Yes they are technically sophisticated but then I know the CTO of ZResearch (the company offering commercial support for GlusterFS), Anand Babu, personally and he is a good friend. Some of the people who wrote the core code are Indians (including Anand) who live in the United States.

Do they have an office in Bangalore? Sure they do. This is the "ODC" model I referred to, where development is done in India because it is cheaper.

With that disposed of,

"The stereotypes you are referring to exist but they are not the one and only rule."

(a) I didn't refer to any "stereortypes" (b) I never claimed this was the "one and only" rule.

"you could simply take your own medicine and do your research yourself, then eat some crow."

Sure! I'll be glad to when any of my claims is refuted.

meanwhile, may I suggest you do the same for using GlusterFS as an example of an Indian startup? ;-).

ZResearch (the company offering commercial support for GlusterFS) is very much an American company which has some Indians among its founding members. It was founded in the United States by people who were living there at the time. If any startup having an Indian amongst its founders is an "Indian startup" then sure ZR is "Indian". The decision makers (irrespective of ethnicity) all live in the USA and the core of the code is written in the USA == "American Company" to me whether they have an office in India or not. I suspect this is where we differ.

I am confused. you say

"The Indian software landscape is too large and too diverse to make such sweeping generalizations by one person with a possibly limited view of things."

and then

"India is not doomed to be an outsourcing venue for ever, they'll be a force to reckon with (and in fact, already are).

Expect a large wave of startups from the region in the next 5 years,"

Isn't the latter an example of the former? In this case the "one person making generalizations" (about the future in tis case) being you. Nothing wrong with that of course. There are always exceptions to almost any "rule" one can think of.

Have you lived or worked in India? How would you know what the "Indian software landscape" looks like? What facts support your contention that list is very "diverse"?

I agree that in the future technically sophisticated startups may emerge out of India. In the present such startups are VERY rare.

One example of such a startup is "guruji.com" - an Indian search company (I know people who work there). They don't have much traction yet but they do some interesting work . I know a couple of unfunded startups trying to do interesting things.

All this doesn't change the fact that the Indian softare industry is largely about outsourcing and most Indian startups largely do not try to do technically sophisticated things. THIS was my contention not "there isn't a single technically sosphisticated startup in India"

I maintain there is nothing "offensive" about that idea. it is just the truth. I am surprised people get "offended".

If I had ever said "India is doomed to always be an outsourcing destination", I can see how it could offend. Since I never claimed anything like that, (vs people randomly getting "offended" but offering no real counter examples) I don't feel the need to defend an obvious strawman.

As to "weasel words" I never knew "most" was a weasel word ;-). I look forward to the day when we all speak in absolutes ;-).

OK that said, this argument is now degenerating (indentation depth is a good metric) and so I'll withdraw. (My email is available in my profile for those who would like to take this offline)

Anyone reading this please list any great Indian startups you know who are looking for great engineers. This would be very helpful.

Anand Babu lives in the US, but Anand Avati (and others) work out of BLR. I have known them for quite some time and I think Avati is one of the best Engineers I have met in my life.

The kind of work they do is also awesome. I don't see ZR as an American company outsourcing easy work to India.

"Anand Babu lives in the US,"

And that is what I said.

"I have known them for quite some time and I think Avati is one of the best Engineers I have met in my life."

I don't know Mr.Avati. I will gladly take your word for it.

" I don't see ZR as an American company outsourcing easy work to India."

This is a matter of perception. We don't have to agree completely to respect each others' opinion. With respect to ZR in particular (vs the Indian software industry in general) I only claim that ZR is an American company with an Indian office. No more. I am well aware of the talent level of AB and his colleagues.

The difference in perception between Jacques and me is on whether ZR is an American company or an Indian startup. I respect his opinion while sticking to mine. And ZR doesn't invalidate the point I made anyway (which was that ZR is an exception, not the rule.)

I would also like to state that I agree with you on most points. I am an Indian, trying to do a startup in India.

I'm in contact with people that are like Zresearch what I call 'thin start ups', companies that have a front office in the US for funding and representation issues, and a back office in India where all the development takes place.

There are very good business reasons for setting things up this way.

Still, I see GlusterFS as an Indian start-up, not an American one. It is run by Indians, from the top to the bottom and everywhere in between.

To get funding and to be able to access the American market you have to have an office - preferably your titular main office - there. In this respect they are not different from Logitech, another 'American' company (never mind that they really are Swiss).

As for your confusion re my statement about a limited view, yes, that's a generalization too, but it's a conversational trick to put those two at the same level.

To say that you do know the Indian software industry at that level is an absolute statement that I think you can not make with any confidence.

To say that you can't know the whole landscape simply because of its size is one I can make with confidence simply because you'd have to be omniscient in order to be able to do so.

India is going through much the same phase as were Japan was when they were 'used' to produce electronics for the United States in the 60's of the last century. The amount of know-how that is being amassed there and the amount of money invested will sooner or later result in a tech boom.

The fact that GlusterFS is an Indian (not an American) company to me is some proof that we are underway in this, and I know of another 50 or so companies that follow this same model. Just like Logitech is Swiss they're as Indian as can be, even though for the outside world they'll do everything they can to present a different face. That's simply good business and I don't begrudge them for it.

Weasel words : qualifying your statements in such a way that you can twist their meaning later by pointing at your qualifiers.

As for my view of the Indian software scene I have seriously considered moving to India in order to start a new company there but for logistical reasons have decided to stay in the Netherlands for the time being, I have a son in school here and I don't want him to pay part of the price of my business adventures.

In the running up to that decision I did a very thorough survey of the Indian IT landscape and I was absolutely amazed at how much quality software comes out of India and how thin the 'we're a us company' veneer sometimes is.

It's happening, it's happening now and if you are not a part of it then get moving, you have an amazing edge over the rest of the world.

There are two countries right now where the chances of making it big as a hacker/ceo are substantially higher than in the rest of the world, the first is India, the second - and still to a lesser extent but I'm not sure how long that will last - is China.

Say hi to Anand from me btw :)

Regarding your friends with unfunded startups, drop me a line please. (email in my 'about' bit).

The growth of the IT industry in India was very fast. It did not grow organically like it did in the US. Most of the work in India is outsourced work and this means that the Indian IT industry grows as fast the IT industries in the outsourcing countries. This inorganic growth is showing its ugly faces now.

A big issue I see frequently is that smart people do not have the opportunity to grow in India. This cannot be blamed on the system though. If you are smart, you ought to find other smart people and hang out with them. It is through sharing we grow and it was how the hacker community in the silicon valley and other similar hubs developed.

I think that the hackers in India should come together to form a platform from where they can start sharing ideas and innovate. Waiting for the other 99.9% of the so called IT industry to correct itself and follow the path of innovation and solve real hard problems is not worth at all.

If you are smart person or a hacker in India, (you are if you are reading this) you ought to make up your mind, find like-minded people and start engineering good systems. That is how every thing good in this world started.

By and large I would agree with the summary you have provided of the "high-tech" scenario in India. Though, I would also take exception to some of the statements you have made. I have worked for a year in one of the services companies (I detest the word body-shoppers) you've mentioned. I have also worked in Bangalore for an ODC of a US technology products company. It is true to say that most of the work done in these organizations is not really technically sophisticated.

The part of your note which did not resonate well with me was this: "except a couple of very small unfunded startups, most are just trying to copy existing ideas and don't need any skills beyond pretty generic php mysql etc". - I'm not sure what kind of research would give you the necessary insight to make such a statement. For a tech guy from India who has worked globally- such a statement undermines your whole writeup.

Your next statement also disappointed me greatly "great engineers in India should be able to telecommute for the startups advertised here." Can you estimate the carbon footprint created by such a telecommute? - The Carbon Footprint generated by a single roundtrip flight between India and USA / Canada overshoots the annual footprint of an average Indian by 62%. To suggest a telecommuting option between the India and US to me is absurd and environmentally criminal.

Also, the wishlist you have given for Indian startups does exist. You just need to look for it in the right places. Such information would not come to you on the headlines of ET but is available deep in the web somewhere.

I have realized that "great" (I'm not sure how you define such a term) engineers in India like to be courted by companies as they feel that by gaining intellectual prowess they should just have to sit back and wait for companies to come to them. This is especially true if one has been working for a large US Tech MNCs. This is not really the mindset for entrepreneurship. If you are really looking to join an Indian startup as a part of the founding team- reach out to them and let them know what you can offer instead of waiting for them to add a job listing here.


Thank you for your cogent reply. I claim no infallibility and am glad to be corrected when I goof up. That said,

"I have worked for a year in one of the services companies (I detest the word body-shoppers) you've mentioned."

Hmm I used "body shoppers" as a functional description. Why should you beoffended? isn't that what these companies do? (I've workd for these companies too btw. So I amnot putting myself up on some predestal)

" I have also worked in Bangalore for an ODC of a US technology products company. It is true to say that most of the work done in these organizations is not really technically sophisticated."

Ok great. we have some grounds for agreement.

"The part of your note which did not resonate well with me was this: "except a couple of very small unfunded startups, most are just trying to copy existing ideas and don't need any skills beyond pretty generic php mysql etc". - I'm not sure what kind of research would give you the necessary insight to make such a statement."

Ok what I meant by this was that a good chunk of startups in India are duplicating success stories from the USA and do not necessarily need people with skills in say Erlang or Haskell or Kernel Hacking expertise and so on. Please, look at the job descriptions of Indian startups? How many ask for or requiredeep Javascript or MySQL experience? Most are just throwing up random webpages.

I know a few exceptions but most startups in India lack either technical or business sophistication (Yes I know this will be controversial. I stand by this claim. Anyone "offended" by this, please provide lots of counter examples or an argument that most startups in India re doing very cutting edge work)

"great engineers in India should be able to telecommute for the startups advertised here."

Umm what is wrong with this opinion? Ecological footprints? I wasn't thinking of ecology. Frankly I don't care. In my ideal wold anyone would be able to work for any company, irrespective of nationality without wrestling with arcane visa regulations and so on. telecommuting is the only way I know for this to happen.

"Also, the wishlist you have given for Indian startups does exist. You just need to look for it in the right places."

Why don't you give me specific examples of such startups? Anyone can make vague generalizations like "look for it i the right places" . What are "the right places"? Give me some concrete examples.

"If you are really looking to join an Indian startup as a part of the founding team- reach out to them and let them know what you can offer instead of waiting for them to add a job listing here"

Where did I say I am looking for a startup to join? I have enough work (the non outsourced, technically ultra sophisticated kind ;-)) for years.

Directi are doing some very interesting things. They're not VC funded, but that's because they've been profitable from day one. They've also started recruiting from outside India.

I say this with some trepidation since I am not familiar with Directi first hand, but having seen their job ads once too often now, I would like to know what exactly are the "interesting things" they are doing?

Based on their products page (http://directi.com/products/) Other than one "pre launch" product that will do instant messaging and free email, their entire business seems to be built around "landing pages" for domain parking companies.

Directi's recruitment process is the crappiest, they need people to use codechef to start the process which is a biggest buggy system and no admin replies on the forum.

I up-voted you and encourage others to do the same. Thank you and plinkplonk for a very interesting and thought provoking discussion. I did not see your original posting, but your edited version is excellent as well as the follow up discussion with plinkplonk.

I especially appreciate both of you pulling back from the brink of a /. "discussion" by re-engaging with facts and rational discussion.

Have you taken a look at zoho.com

Is zoho hiring?

Wingify (that's us) is looking for great hackers in JavaScript, MySQL and PHP/Python

Interesting. Although I'm still in college (and also very busy with some projects of my own), I would like to keep a lookout for you guys :)

You don't specify a link, and your website has no jobs page with job descriptions, etc.

How do you expect people to apply?

Hi, yep, the website is expected to be released soon.

We're hiring a Quantitative Developer for the Optimization/Algorithm group at Yodle (based in NYC). Send over your resume to dangoldin @ gmail.com and I'll pass it along.

Feel free to email me if you want to know more about the job and what we do.


We also need non-quant developers. We need Java people (with experience in modern Enterprise Java stuff: Spring, Hibernate, etc)

We do agile development, and are very effective at it. There's a dedicated product team so that random passers-by can't just drop work on our desk.

We do have some particularly exciting things in the works.

Send me a resume at jason.ganetsky@gmail.com

Forgot the main selling point: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/01/12/local-advertising-boost...

We are GROWING RAPIDLY, and have a very effective business model.

We (i.e. Guidewire Software) are pretty much always hiring good software engineers, product managers, and QA engineers.


Of course, we build software for insurance companies, which isn't exactly the sexiest industry in the world, but we're a good company with a solid business (we write software that people pay real, actual money for), a lot of smart people to work with, some fairly cool (at least we think so) internal technology, and a solid devotion to both being a good place to work and to always trying to find ways to work better. Most of the coding work is in Java and our in-house (hopefully open sourced within the next 6 months or so) scripting language. We're located in San Mateo (mid-peninsula in the Bay Area).

If you're interested in applying or want to talk about the company or our technology or anything, feel free to e-mail me directly at akeefer@guidewire.com

Xoopit (now part of Yahoo Mail) is hiring Javascript ninjas. Send me an email (carlosb at yahoo-inc) with HN in the title.

EnergyHub is a CleanTech startup in Brooklyn, New York, near Carroll Gardens and Park slope. We are looking for two super smart developers for Web Developer and Embedded Java positions. Why would you want to work for us? We do both software and hardware, so your programs can actually reach out and interact with the real world in a way that few others can. We've got lots of fun challenges and few dull days, and everyone on our team is top notch. We hope you can be the newest addition.

Check them out: http://jobs.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?5178 and http://jobs.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?5177

Are there any companies out there looking for 3d graphics programmers, most likely for powering games?

If you know solr/lucene and some python, we're definately interested here at NewsCred. We're funded, generating revenues and have an awesome B2B product. Email me and I'll send over details.

Also looking for a rockstar sales or bizdev guy. Shafqat at newscred dot com.

The Little App Factory is hiring a cocoa/objective-c programmer. Check us out at tlaf.com!

Looking for a Sr. Manager of Engineering, to manage the entire engineering department in San Diego:


Lolapps is hiring! We're looking for developers, PMs, QA, and more. Check out http://www.lolapps.com/ . If you like python and lolcats, you'll probably like us.

Sofa is hiring fulltime employees to work in our nice Amsterdam office(1) in the city centre with ~11 other talented people on our mac apps, web apps and interaction design consultancy.

We need a financial mastermind, web/ui designers and python/cocoa developers. See madebysofa.com/jobs or shoot me an email at koen@madebysofa.com

There is a pretty good program to get a permanent working permit in the Netherlands called the knowledge migrant arrangement, and we can help you get it.

(1) http://www.madebysofa.com/#blog/the_office

Sexy UIs designer. Uber corporate enterprisey software. Form based intranet apps made into intuitive eye candy. 100% Lisp shop. Telecommute. Salary, no equity. Starting late September.

What kind of Lisp?

Cisco is looking for a variety of positions for a SaaS email solution.

This is a VERY unique system we are working on involving email, reverse engineering, bit-twiddling and byte hacking, productivity/collaborative software, Active Directory and NEVER giving up the good fight.

All positions are listed as Senior Engineers

* Email Protocol Experts * MAPI experience * A senior QA Engineer * SaaS Migration and/or Synchronization Experts * User Interface Experts * Frontend programmers -- Ajax/Javascript

Email a resume and a nice letter to specialsaas@hushmail.com

You should ping the guy that made Lamson, I hear he's looking. Email-related product.

Mozilla is hiring! http://www.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Jobs.aspx?c=qpX9Vfwa

Firefox engineers, IT, Marketing and QA!

If anyone has a position for a remote teleworker please get in touch (I'm English but based in Taiwan.)

My background is Microsoft development - mostly websites - so I also know HTML CSS and Javascript- as well as the back end - SQL and database design.

I want desperately to work with Linux and open source now though, I have some exposure to Ruby and Rails, I taught myself Scheme and I'm working my way through Real World Haskell. I'm always looking to learn something new.

I'm finding it difficult to find clients now.

We're hiring here at Memrise.

We're an early-stage start up based in NYC seeking a talented Django developer to help us in our mission to give the world a better memory. If you delight and excel in Python, Django, SQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript, and like the idea of a deeply creative, technically demanding role in a company that aims to make all learning fast, fun, mobile and effective, please send an email with CV or questions to careers at memrise.com

Europe, France?

Happy to see so many familiar startups hiring. We here at Sometrics are looking for great Frontend Engineers and System Architects. We work with tons of data, cloudy stuff (like many other startups), and some teeth-cutting technology stacks (EXTJS/Hadoop/MemCache/Massive MySQL Clusters/Data-mining Design patterns). We're in Los Angeles - so come join us in the Sunny Socal. jobs{@}sometrics.com

ReminderMedia in King of Prussia, PA is hiring for in house positions: We need developers with strong software design skills to add features to our PHP-based custom CRM and we also need someone to write functional specifications for our developers.

http://remindermedia.com/careers/?state=PA or send your resume to itjobs@remindermedia.com

Anyone from Australia hiring?

Yes, multiple jobs in our Melbourne agency going. What field?

What agency?

Preferably games, but I'm looking everywhere. C#\C++.

Aparently Atlassian http://www.atlassian.com/32/ are hiring... I just applied myself, I'll see how I go.

Peek Inc., mobile email device company in NYC, is hiring:


Diffbot is a seed-funded search startup, and we work out of the Stanford campus. We're currently have openings for paid internships for developers passionate about our products (info at http://www.diffbot.com) with interest in machine learning. Drop us a line at jobs@diffbot.com !

Akvo.org is hiring: http://www.akvo.org/web/jobs

Web consultant, The Netherlands.

The company I work for will be needing a PHP developer (that is also proficient in HTML/CSS) to cover maternity leave from approx mid-Oct for 9+ months. We're happy to take on school-leavers upwards, providing your code is up to scratch.

If you're local to Telford, Shrops (UK) get in touch: jem@jemjabella.co.uk (include your HN username)

Circle of Moms is hiring for (Senior) Software Engineer, Product Manager, and UI/UX Designer positions. We're located in the SF/SOMA.

We develop in PHP and are big fans of rapid iteration, a/b testing, and customer development.

We currently have over 6M moms using the Circle of Moms Facebook application.

Email us at jobs@circleofmoms.com with HN in the subject.

Not a job inquiry. But I am doing something that might be of interest to circleofmoms. Would you be interested to talk to me? my email is subramani.athikunte at google mail?

Think is hiring LAMP developers and designers.


inContact is hiring Jr. & Mid level .Net/C# Developers in Utah.


Apply Here - https://tbe.taleo.net/NA4/ats/careers/searchResults.jsp?org=...

We (http://www.codesynthesis.com) are looking for C++ engineers in Cape Town, South Africa. We work on compilers, code generation, object persistence, and distributed systems. Drop me (boris@codesynthesis.com) a line if interested.

Last.fm are hiring again (I work there). Looking for a range of roles - lead web developer, front end developer, flash developer and sysadmins. Check out http://www.last.fm/about/jobs

Apple is. For example, in Vancouver BC: http://jobs.apple.com/index.ajs?BID=1&method=mExternal.s...

hypernumbers.com (Seedcamp '07)

Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland - must be able to work in the EU.

Engineer with Javascript and exposure to functional programming (preferably Erlang). Contact gordon AT hypernumbers DOT com for details.


preferably a female

are you even allowed to say that?

Only if you enjoy getting sued.


Absolutely not

Any Canadians, um, eh?

Where in Canada? Looking for someone with Python experience in Vancouver.

Toronto, and I can't relocate for about another year.

Yammer just moved to SF and is looking for some engineers: http://jobs.yammer.com/

This has got to be one of the best cs job listings around the web. How can I turn this into a nextgen job listing site ?

Looking for a Python programmer in Vancouver, Canada. jobs@rhinoaccounting.com please put [HN] in the subject line.

Adroll is looking for a Lead Interaction Designer


http://yourstartupjob.com -- C# in Los Angeles.

Small consulting firm in SF. Good Network Engineers and Junior devs right now. Email in profile.

Yes, Java Developers:


Anyone have openings in business development or sales? Please let me know

TorchMobile.com is hiring, get to hack on WebKit (c++)

salesforce.com (public on NYSE: CRM) is hiring search engineers in San Francisco. Email me your resume and I'll pass it on.

What about the jobs button on the menu bar?

I believe only Y Combinator-affiliated companies can post jobs there. Many of the companies in these comments are not affiliated.

Philips Medical in Foster City (C++ or C#)

Is anyone hiring in the Milwaukee area?

Anyone looking for hardware engineers?

Any design jobs in San Diego?

Anyone from Argentina?

Russia, anyone?

As far as I remember, Qik (http://www.qik.com) was hiring Ruby gurus recently, and Parallels (http://www.parallels.com) constantly looks for Java/C++ engineers. Both are in Moscow.

Privet. :)

Привет :)

Not exactly not specialties, but thanks for the info. Funny that you've mentioned Parallels--they are about as much of a start-up as Google.

Any German, eh?

Google is hiring.

Scribd is hiring in SF/soma


or email directly to me, either way

{rails|flash} engineers

Does anyone here looking for remote system engineer position? UNIX and Informix DBA. with 10+ years of experience. Performance tuning is a favourite tasks.

I have one or more openings for the role of 'entity that pays cash or equity in exchange for me helping them'. I offer several benefits, the primary of which is excellent code and craftsmanship from someone who's a true geek and been programming for over 25 years. Readers of HN will get special consideration. Bonus points if you allow me to work with Python, Clojure, Linux or iPhone, and work from home (most or all of the time; though occasional travel and on-site meetings are cool.) For more info and the means to "apply" see the link in my profile. I am serious.

Roost.com has a JS/frontend open, and I would be grateful if you applied. (Yes, you!) The site hasn't been updated yet, but here's a link with a relevant email address: http://www.roost.com/web/jobs.action

We're well-funded (Sequoia, Shasta, General Catalyst, Geolo) and we're located smack in the middle of San Francisco.

(anigbrowl and I hosted the last SF HN meetup, so you might know me from there.)

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