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IMO, Amazon gets 'DevOps' right. It's mostly just called 'ownership' over in Amazon. (source: I used to work in Amazon as a systems engineer)

You still have specializations - SDE's, systems engineers, DBA's, etc. However, if you write code and it ends up in production, you are responsible for the proper function of that code in production. As a friend of mine put it in terms of developers who don't want to be on-call: 'what, you don't trust the quality of your code?'

DevOps is simply a nicer way of just saying, "own your damn code." The corollary to this is that the organization must help you in getting to that state where you can effectively own your code - this means collaboration (so that you build maintainable systems) and building tools that enable fairly frictionless code ownership.

I've worked among devs who don't want to own their code in production, they'd rather just code and then throw new code over the wall for the sys admins to deploy.

The anti-DevOps developers don't understand how databases work so they want an ORM to make it easy for them, and they don't know how to configure a web server so they want PaaS solutions to let them do 1-click deploys, and system command prompts are scary to them. Frankly such developers just plain suck. They don't like DevOps because they don't have the skills to be DevOps.

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