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"Full stack" is useless in the same way that "Agile" is useless. Specifically, it's useless because it was hopelessly cargo-culted and overused due to the original power of the idea.

The genesis of full-stack developer is that in the early days of the web you had a long history of programmers, and you had a budding community of web designers and javascript developers homesteading the new medium. For many years, there was an awkward gap in skills in that a good programmer would probably not be able to build a decent HTML/CSS website, and a good DHTML developer or web designer would be completely lost on the server-side.

5-10 years ago a full-stack developer was a very meaningful distinction. Today, every hacker wannabe Uber driver that went to a dev bootcamp for 3 months calls themselves a full-stack developer. "DevOps" avoids this fate only because the subject matter is slightly heavier and harder to fake.

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