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Actually finally created a Hacker News account to come here and say something similar to this. The article is remarkably misguided in several ways, including a fundamental misunderstanding of what "DevOps" means.

Being an SA, what rankles me most is the attitude (unfortunately common in the industry) that "As a developer, I could naturally be the world's greatest Sysadmin, if only it weren't such a waste of my amazing talents."

Yeah. As a developer I used to have a similar attitude, until I saw really good sysadmins (and DBAs) up close. Most developers are kidding themselves if they think they could replace either without at least as much extensive training as it would take one of them to replace the developer.

I have a somewhat different mindset. "As a developer, I am a demonstrably capable sysadmin, but the organization's discrete silos have made it impossible for me to contribute to ops"

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