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Because of an abnormal learning style, severely dyslexic, I have never fit in to corporate environments. Looking past the egregious spelling errors, being a slow learner isn't a winning talent in a job interview. As a result, I've fallen in to the trap of full stack (jack of all trades) developer consultant for a little over a decade now. I never got very good at anything in particular. Thus, I have battled with burn out for many years now, and am passively seeking another careers outside of Internet technologies. Point of the article is close to home.

The burnout aside, there is a plus to someone being proficient at many related tasks; having a somewhat in-depth knowledge of how all these technologies come together. The point is not all jobs require the best, most expert techniques. As in the case of the jack-of-all-trades carpenter, as long as he knows when to call the specialist, he is still getting the jobs, as am I.

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