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There is also an aspect that I enforced in my devop team: you built it, you will deploy it and you will keep it online and running. Don't develop something that's a pain to deploy, because you'll be the one deploying it. Don't develop something that's crazy on the database side, because you'll write the database script. As the devop, you'll have to balance the ease of development, deployment and maintenance yourself, there's no "someone else will deal with it".

That limits the crazy stuff like esoteric package function for the database, crazy port opening on the machines, esoteric daemons, or tools that can only be deployed from sources. Because the guy deciding that will be the one updating and debugging the VM creations script (for 2 different cloud provider).

But at the same times, they have access to all the tools they want, they can evaluate if something is best done on the admin or development side, they use mostly the same tools, code conventions and languages for administration and product development, and they have an immediate feedback sur how much logging to send from the application.

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