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Pure developers are a problem because they will the information do their job well.

I go back a few years, to an old, waterfall-like job. I was handed work by an analyst, that was handed a task to analyze by an engagement lead, who might at some point talk to someone using the application. The work was always handed out on time, but the product often failed, not because it was buggy, but because nobody actually had much of an idea of what we were really trying to solve.

So us developers got much work done, but the work didn't actually solve real problems: The force is applied to the wrong vector. Then the product fails, and the blame game begins: Changes are too expensive, because the developers didn't know what the real invariants are. Queries are slow, because the database architect wasn't told about the questions that the database had to answer. The business analysis just wrote documents. It was all a big catastrophe.

That company moved to Scrum, the terrible way: Here, have this self organizing team full of specialists that don't know anything outside of their domain. They are still failing to this day, but now they blame each other in retrospectives.

So I'd much rather be stuck coding less, but then being aware that my code is actually solving a problem for someone, than just writing castles in the sky, because everything I've been told about what my userbase needs comes from a game of telephone.

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