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The guys is missing the point by 10000 miles. DevOps is about getting together with devs and focus on best practices from day one. Keep in mind that you need to deploy your software in a timely, reliable manner, that is going to run on a network of computers, where part of your system might be down or showing elevated latency. I could not believe how non-trivial were these things until I have seen it with my own eyes that most of the software out there still has the following assumptions: zero latency network with unlimited bandwidth, uptime for servers is 100%, memory and CPU is something you can keep adding to computers. My experience is that when people are talking about DevOps what they really mean is site reliability or systems engineers, people who understand networks and operating systems in depth and can read and write code yet they primary focus is not deliver customer facing services, more like develop tools which can improve deployments, automate error prone processes and optimize/tune operating systems for better performance. In my humble opinion is that developers should be aware of the architecture of the system they are writing software for, but it seems we need another breed of engineers who are more focused on that as of today. Lets call them DevOps... :)

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