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Gosh, TC7200 units just suck. I replaced mine with a Fritzbox and poof, no more random network stalls, suspend issues etc.

Offtopic: My cat opened the TC7200 accidentaly. There are two serial ports. One is easily reachable and gives access to the bootloader which lets you r/w memory (and jump to anything in memory). The second one is under the cooler. <s>You</s> Your cat can easily solder <s>yourself</s> itself on it from the back of the pcb, if <s>you</s> your cat doesn't want to remove it. You'll see linux booting, you can login with your webinterface credentials, but it kicks you out immediately because you don't have a shell.

Just in case anyone want's to work on what my cat has discovered. It is leased with my ISP contract, so I would never open it myself.

Linux based? Well fuck Technicolor then, there's no mention of GPL source code... and I would not be surprised if it's U-boot based.

As for the "fuck" part, AVM with the Fritzbox ain't a bit better, though. Looks like all cable routers are locked down and no sources available - probably to prevent people from building DOCSIS sniffers or network disrupters (30-apartment house, all connected via DOCSIS on one link, now good luck finding the asshole).

Please share your intel, only thing I've seen so far was on here, no notion of a second serial port: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2057147563

I'd love to see some progress on this, I also have a USB-TTL ready, but no real reverse engineering skills.

Did you see the telnet running on

A dead HN thread isn't the right place to do this. Contact me at hnlawl.tc7200 ãt dumbinter pẽriod net.

I've quickly googled a picture of the PCB for you and annotated it. From you thread you linked that's the bootloader serial port. if you look beneath the cooler (without removing it) you'll see "console" written there. That's the Linux serial console. I didn't want to remove the cooler. So my cat just soldered itself onto it from the back of the PCB. I'm not sure what the pinout was anymore. But it's easy enough to figure out with a multimeter.

Image: http://abload.de/img/tc7200hxati.jpg

Edit: I've made a picture, My cellphone cam sucks, but you can see the "CONSOLE" written on it. Just use a multimeter on the back of your PCB to figure out the pinout.


Also I did see the telnet port in the management net, but could figure out the login. The regular HTTP webinterface loads too on this ip, but you can't login with your credentials. If my create a backup from your config on the webinterface, there seems to be a user for ISP support at the end of the file. But I couldn't login with that either.

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