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Undoubtedly these excellent books call for a unique presentation. I, however, would like to see simple text-only list companion to go along with it. Turns out, this is not just a matter of grep'ing through the source: the only actual "text" are the link URLs.

I wrote a script[0] to create the list for amazon links at least:

    # Script redacted - I think HN isn't happy
    # with my scraping.  Fair enough.
The list contains 44 entries -- to much to post here, I'm afraid.

[0] Using the `mojo` cli tool for ad-hoc HTML parsing from http://mojolicio.us/

Here's the beginning of the list[0] ('Design' and 'Engineering') in plain text (Markdown), using the "I can just type it out faster than I can try to parse it" approach. I'll do more later, maybe.

The 'unique presentation' also seems to mean no alt-text (bad) and no title-text (disappointing)...

[0]: http://pastebin.com/9NKtqJSw

Edit: Added a little more[1]. Maybe someone else will add some while I go write an exam :)

[1]: http://pastebin.com/J0vi5uvJ

While by no means as well-formatted, the following list contains the output of my now-redacted script: http://pastebin.com/NT2TKRTM

A much more thorough version: https://gist.github.com/nickloewen/10565777

Viewing the page in IE11 gives a text-only version that - unfortunately - appears to be outdated and incomplete.

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