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I don't really get the app. Can you provide a quick introduction on what it does?

Currently, it's a distraction-free writing program that syncs your writing across devices. People find the austere layout ran in fullscreen mode to help them focus on long writing sessions.

My wife and a friend of mine both "won" NaNoWriMo using a previous, desktop-only version. It was very similar to programs like ZenWriter or FocusWriter.

I've since rewritten it as a single-page web app to start to target a few features at smartphones. To that end, it sports a responsive layout that automatically drops you into a snippets form on mobile devices for quickly jotting down and saving ideas. The writing mode is also useable on a smartphone as well, but nobody has used it significantly for that yet, so I don't know if people find it very helpful.

I'd like to eventually build in better management of book-writing projects, basic formatting and ePub export, text analysis algorithms for honing the writing, and "creativity encouraging" minigames that serve to stimulate the writer out of writer's-block or teach us better writing habits.

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