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I'm a web developer from Mapbox / former White House tech advisor running for Congress. I released my campaign issues on GitHub: http://www.wired.com/2014/03/cole-platform/

I need help raising money to compete. Small donations welcome. http://coleforcongress.com/contribute

How I can help:

Happy to share my experience / advice with those interested in working in politics or government.

Once elected, I'll be a Representative in Congress who has worked in and understands tech. Here's where I stand on the issues: http://coleforcongress.com/issues/technology/ and a reddit AMA: www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/20wvx5/im_dave_cole_candidate_for_congress_nj2_a_coder/

dave [at] coleforcongress [dot] com

I grew up in your district and still have some friends+family there, some of whom are politically active. I'd happily put forward a good word for you if you had a sensible foreign policy statement on your Isseus page. But as far as I can tell, foreign policy seems to be left out? I understand you are taking pull requests, but I figure something that important should be written by you, at least for a first draft :)

OK i looked at your HN post, your splash page, and your home page, and I still don't know WHERE you're running for congress. Perhaps you could lay out the basic vitals and your qualifications or platform here?

New Jersey! The second district. It's most of South Jersey, from the Philly outer suburbs to Atlantic City, Long Beach Island, and Cape May -- and everything in between.

Here's my bio, albeit in campaign-speak: http://coleforcongress.com/about/

The basics:

- Worked on '08 Obama campaign as a data analyst and field organizer

- I moved WhiteHouse.gov to an open source CMS and released code back to the public

- Worked with other govt agencies to do the same

- Helped design and set up the first versions of the We the People petition platform

- Worked on the "the good part" of healthcare.gov

- Early member at Mapbox, helped develop platform and work with clients

- Running as a Democrat supporting infrastructure investments for improving schools and wiring rural and non-competitive areas for high-speed (fiber) internet access

- Strongly support network neutrality, protecting free and open internet, taking on patent trolls, ending NSA domestic surveillance and supporting outside expert oversight, to name a few

Even though this is NJ, it's the US Congress -- votes affect us all.

Is there any convincing you that second amendment rights should be treated in parity with first, fourth and fifth amendment rights?

If not, I wouldn't be able to vote for you, but I wish you luck regardless.

Thanks -- understood that the platform is national.

Not just on the logo, but on the Home Page: He’s running for Congress as a Democrat in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

It's on his site, albeit a little hard to see. South Jersey seems to be the place.

Good context here: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/04/hackin...

IMHO: this is worthy of our attention.

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