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    How I can help your project:
My friends frequently ask me to revise their writing. I have a very good command of the English language.

I am also a very good programmer. As a freelance software consultant I work 100% from home on OLAP web applications. If you're stuck on a data design problem, need someone to riff on for debugging a problem, want help hacking together an HTML5 demo of some kind, need help reviewing software engineering job candidates, or want to do a net-based pair programming session or two, I'm available.

If you're in the Alexandria, VA area, I could even meet in person for any of this. Also, beers. Beers for project kibitz. That would help me, too. It's lonely out here.

    My project:
A few friends and I are developing a web-based tool for writers. We call it "Just Write, Dammit!" (https://www.justwritedammit.com)

It's free, it's open source, it's browser-based, it's responsive, it syncs your writing to Dropbox or Google Drive. It's still pretty raw, but I think there is something here that could really make a great project. Our vision is to build it into a tool that not only works well for writing, but encourages the user to write more, write better, and write to completion.

    What I think I need:
Mentorships. An hour or less a week to talk about where I am, where I should be going.

- a marketing mentor: I started a Google AdWords campaign yesterday, but I'm an engineer, not a marketer. I want to learn, but all I'm doing right now is random shots in the dark.

- a startup/fundraising mentor: if this is a project that could take off and find traction, I'd like to run a kickstarter or find some other patronage to be able to work on it full-time. What you see here is basically three weeks of part time work. If it were my job, I could make it into something great.

- a user experience-centric developer or mentor, for building an on-boarding experience for new users: while part of the experience is that it is a streamlined tool, there isn't much to help people who aren't my best friends who can call or email me at any time they want.

My email is in my profile and on the JWD website.

I've starred your JWD project. Always on the lookout for a good writing program. :)

Thanks! If you use it, please feel free to post issues on the Github issues list. Also, I'd be very interested to hear if you have experience with other writing packages--perhaps Sigil, yWriter, or Scrivener--and what you like about them.


I don't really get the app. Can you provide a quick introduction on what it does?

Currently, it's a distraction-free writing program that syncs your writing across devices. People find the austere layout ran in fullscreen mode to help them focus on long writing sessions.

My wife and a friend of mine both "won" NaNoWriMo using a previous, desktop-only version. It was very similar to programs like ZenWriter or FocusWriter.

I've since rewritten it as a single-page web app to start to target a few features at smartphones. To that end, it sports a responsive layout that automatically drops you into a snippets form on mobile devices for quickly jotting down and saving ideas. The writing mode is also useable on a smartphone as well, but nobody has used it significantly for that yet, so I don't know if people find it very helpful.

I'd like to eventually build in better management of book-writing projects, basic formatting and ePub export, text analysis algorithms for honing the writing, and "creativity encouraging" minigames that serve to stimulate the writer out of writer's-block or teach us better writing habits.

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