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I am launching a message board/forum powered by Google Drive. getforum.us (Every 'workspace' is a Google Doc and all the documents attached are stored on your Google Drive.) I would love feedback on the user experience and your thoughts on the product.

How I can help: I can look at your product and use/review it for design and features. I also know some html5 and frontend javascript stuff if you have questions.

Have a contact address?

Minor thing upfront: The Signin-Workflow. First, signing in with Google, ok. Then, signing in again with Google into Forum? That didn't work, I tried it multiple times, until I just waited a bit after the login and the forum appeared by itself.

I'm behind a slow, flaky connection, but she seemed to be alright that moment.

hey I'm at admin@nimbusbase.com, thanks for the notice. I think there might be some problems with our login, will look into it.

I would be happy to give you some feedback. Email is ewharton6 at google's popular email.

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