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Help me out: Need to find educators (who happen to know how to code) - My co-founder and I run a 1-to-1 mentorship program turning people into software developers (heavy emphasis on JS + frameworks) need help finding more instructors. We're looking for people passionate about education/love to teach who happen to know how to code.

How I can help: 1) Learn to Program Advice - Was a middle school teacher turned software engineer so I can help people get started on their programming track over a Google hangout consultation (won't sell you anything, just advice) 2) Business Idea Discussion - Love helping out any entrepreneurs talk about their business ideas/models, we bootstrapped ourselves, worked only part-time, and made revenue from day 1 3) High touch sales - All our sales are high touch sales $5-10k++ if you're trying to do high touch sales I can definitely share pointers/advice

Perhaps you should look for highschool educators that have taught basic programming in school.

Are you teaching remotely?

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