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I've been working on a website for almost 2 years (on&off). I'm right there at the final push to get it live, but I think I'm just a little burnt out from it. One of the things I'm struggling with is the pricing model I want to use. I'm trying to find that balance of a simple pricing scheme that scales well. My site was made to run leagues & tourneys, and I'm a single founder. If anyone would like to talk with me on my business model ideas, my email is in my profile or just leave a way to contact you here and I will!

:edit: I wanted to add that I believe I want a dynamic pricing scheme like Heroku's where they have a slider for how many dynos you want. The problem I run into is that I have a couple metrics that I can charge for, I just don't know how to meld them together.

I don't know your specific metrics, but one way to consider it is to forget about money for a minute. If you were to use one of those metrics to judge how successful your users were, which would it be?

Intercom.io is a brilliant example of this. They could have priced a million different ways, but they chose to charge by active users on their customer's apps. Now I don't even care about the price, I'll be happy to be doing so well each time I go up one of their price bands!

"We think getting your whole team on Intercom is a good thing. And we think talking to your customers is a good thing too. So we won’t tax you for either. We charge you more as your user base grows. Our interests are aligned."

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