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We will add a $10,000 bounty for the first published and confirmed successful completion of this challenge.


1) CloudFlare confirms success.

2) The winner publishes their solution, including source, publicly.

3) Promptly send the link to the publication to [adam | ionicsecurity | com] (for tracking the order of submissions)

Good luck!


Hello Adam!

My email is public: fedor@indutny.com , and here is my proof of identity: https://keybase.io/indutny .

If you wish - you could contact me via it. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1

iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJTSJ7IAAoJEPsOEJWxeXmZYnkP/1r9qVARb89x2bAteh9RPcRI VGUmRZVz/1wLqy/LmvB+XwgkEGRyjQBCa2vHPi8PpwenLEl8IXMMYyzQSqx94tkV y54ZTwABtXXcPIaFOu4O8sG8RM6rDVsF9FpJICVxuYzrkyQPVDMEFa3faBNEgTHo zpgOf5keNq3nCnhTwhkMryBzYVVMLUdQy6JUzhzOXTarmgNH5CtRW0CzFN+9sxM9 6/EH1W4VcJt0lpcvCQK75Kv9syrbavB6qXP85b0gSvKcMHvkX0z5dPphUJcyL/9Q QyXE2vloNj6qwjLQRPoCymSjePeQsodhec47iQxVgil72U5X4YFYJpDHurE5KVOb VIGjmiXhAcL7M8MgywNNtP9iIsi45WiOBmNQVYrBr3/37TSL6FFMfpFVuOxxVrNV fRKRx7VFihTyYxqacwBLAkNPQ6V4QiEdEt74DQFZsokgk1dcchP4GrSypNbrM4SX SJW0RwqF1t44mvuAHmt0U6otgzKy4XyjmDGvki6FNE8ww+OIEQX6tgRPSTD0bURn PyNtZ1EKYZguQt3b4pveVK8JMgWxuCcO9LgKFbPTZJ8YBYOTCU6WtTm4OfCdnTG7 1EtOv6c2k5nlOiK11K8M9ZPEkjq//6C0MZFn1CB7/43+tkWDTr/vSayW/6Yi8pF5 /C1vMZXz3MmpY/gj9z+W =mH1/ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

Thank you!

That is awesome Adam, please have it posted on the Challenge page so that more people can see it. Hopefully someone solves it soon :)

Hopefully someone doesn't solve this!

We have no official relationship with CF so they will have to decide to list it on the challenge page. We are a happy CloudFlare customer though!

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