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Show HN: A general tree editor component – Vim shortcuts, drag and drop (jaredly.github.io)
70 points by jaredly on Apr 10, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Doesn't work in Firefox, but it works in Chrome. Nice project.

While Chrome is a very popular browser, I wonder if you can still call this editor "general" if it doesn't work cross-platform?!

I'd guess "general" refers to the trees themselves (labels, arity) and not the platform.

Nice work, so glad to see someone doing work in this area. Thanks for sharing it. It was a little disorienting (as a novice Vim user) to press return after labeling a node, only to create a new node, which then remains as an empty node after I switched back to normal mode. But for all I know, that's the whole point of...something :-)

I assume the idea is to allow you to quickly insert many nodes without having to continually toggle from normal mode to insert mode.

Hmm, I hadn't thought of removing the node if you never typed anything. Good idea.

This is nice! A few comments:

When you are on a closed node, hitting "l" (lower-case L) would be a nice way to open that node.

When you are on a opened node, hitting "h" would be a nice way to close that node.

It seems nicely vimish. I have a very similar set of vim-ish keyboard hotkeys on the tree widgets in git-cola.

alt-l opens, alt-h closes currently. h takes you to the parent of the current node.

Very cool. I do find myself going for dd trying to delete nodes and gg trying to get back to the top.

=) that's coming.

Doesn't work when Vimium extension is enabled...though this project makes we want to disable it.

I'm not familiar with Vimium, but Vimperator for Firefox will stop responding to everything when you press the "insert" key. There might be something equivalent for your plugin.

It worked for me when I typed an i to get Vimium into its insert mode. Although that is getting a little ridiculous.

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