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This is a strawman. When Dropbox appoints Harry Reid to the board, we can talk.

EXACTLY!!! If you're going to accuse someone of "partisan" politics, you must provide a counterexample.

Rice is a well-known villain on the internet. It's not a surprise people will react this way to her.

Seems every woman who becomes involved in tech becomes a villain on the Internet.

Isn't Al Gore on a few boards?

But I get it.

He's okay because he agrees with Your Politics.

And Condi is bad because she agrees with Not Your Politics.

Did Al Gore knowingly lie to force the country into disastrous and ruinous wars?

Did Al Gore approve warrantless wiretaps, illegal detainment of citizens and non-citizens and the use of torture by agents of the American Government?

In her role as National Security Advisor Ms. Rice did both of those things.

Now you might refuse to acknowledge that she is a war criminal, but that earns you the same contempt as someone who denies Climate Change; which incidentally Mr. Gore did his level best to warn us about.

Now I have to tell you that I find your politics reprehensible, your willful denial of reality as disgusting as that of a heroin addict. And think that you and your fellow travelers in the "Conservative" movement are exemplary of the craven habit of bending at the knee for that most unamerican of practices; the unearned aristocracy of inherited wealth.

You disgust me. You have no thoughts of your own, but merely parrot slogans handed to you by your betters.

Are you really asserting that Al Gore has done nothing wrong during his political career?

Even his most adamant supporters that I know IRL are aware of those shortcoming & acknowledge them.

> Now I have to tell you that I find your politics reprehensible

Interesting how much you purport to know. I haven't stated any political beliefs.

> You disgust me.

It's disappointing how quickly you resort to ad hominem attacks.

Consider the discussion over.


a. You don't understand what an ad hominem actually is.

b. Show me exactly where Al Gore committed an outright war crime.

c. If you think that war crimes are a mere baguatelle and should not interfere with a politicians later life in civil society; that is in itself a reprehensible political stance.

If justice were a feature of this world the entire war cabinet of the first Bush administration would be serving time; I'm sorry that you live in such an insulated little bubble that the murder of more than a million Iraqi civilians due to the documentable lies of the aforementioned does not register on your moral radar.

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