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Agreed. It's hard to understand HN sometimes. Posts about women and minorities in tech get overwhelmingly positive comments..."we have to do anything and everything possible to get more of minority X involved in tech"...then a popular company hires a double minority and everyone loses their mind.

Stop doing that. You're being dishonest right now. This is not about sexism or racism. My co-founder and best friend of 8 years is a woman, and she had the same reaction of disgust by this move as me. This has to do with Rice's history of warmongering and condoning torture, not her sex or ethnicity.

Will you stop using Apple products, a company that has Al Gore as a board member, and someone who supported the Iraq war?

How do you and your moronic cronies (unless it's all just you) not see that this is a completely different analogy? Gore didn't have privileged intelligence; he was deceived like the rest of us. A lot of us like Gore because he seems to have qualities that we would like to see in a government official: reasoned, intelligent, and a supporter of science. I have very little problem saying that 2000-2008 would have been a very different time had he been in the White House, rather than a bunch of neo-cons with the baggage of an Iraq obsession.

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