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I have no issue with her sex, or her race. I have an issue with people who were part of the adminstration that created PRISM, the Patriot Act, the 'Secret Court system', and somebody who is on record supporting this. Having a say in how my data is managed.

This. Has everyone forgetten about Snowden while they argue red vs. blue? Bush started it. Obama intensified it. If your main gripe is "She's a Republican!" then you have missed the point my friends.

I don't disagree on these points. But the reality is you are talking every person who has worked for either administration in the post 9/11 era is on this gig. We still have guantanomo bay...etc. None of these people in washington are changing anything. The snowden leaks are from 2008-2009 era. That stuf is 6+yrs old. People thought that was tin foil. For 6 years...


Yes. Look at stuxnet 0.5 (year: 2005-07)


And stuxnet 1.0 (2009-2010)



This kind of stuff takes years and has a life of its own.

Crossing administrations, party lines, and cabinet members. The nexus of the Pentagon, CIA, and State departments...has a lot of moving parts...and they can't fire all the career professionals after every election.

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