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I hope she hasn't ever donated to any disagreeable referendum campaigns.....

....or ever been a core member of an administration that left us with two disastrous wars, an offshore gulag, the greatest economic disaster in 70 years, a record of legitimizing torture, a decline in prestige on the world stage. Oh, and a strong record or rejecting marriage equality.

"I happen to think marriage is between a man and a woman. That's tradition, and I believe that that's the right answer" - Condoleezza Rice

Someone call OkCupid and notify them of this so they can start working on their next PR campaign.

>the greatest economic disaster in 70 years

The housing crisis started well before the Bush administration. The affordable housing act was what enabled banks to start issuing loans without worrying about risk.

All continued by the current administration and more. What was your point again?

Please get your facts straight.

* The Iraq war ended in 2011, and the Afghanistan war is winding down.

* The Obama administration has attempted to close Guantanamo, only to be blocked by Congress.

* We are no longer in the financial crisis left by the previous administration.

* Obama ordered an end to torture on his first day in office.

* Global attitudes about the United States have improved dramatically since 2008, according to Pew Research (http://www.pewglobal.org/database/indicator/1/survey/15/).

So, you're either woefully misinformed, or willfully ignorant.

You should get some of yours straight.

* Obama followed the Iraq Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that Bush had signed. He did not accelerate withdrawal of troops at all - if Bush was still president it would have been the same timeline. He also promised to get us out Afghanistan immediately, but he lied: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn134-KLL7Y

* Obama could release all prisoners of Guantanamo right now (that's what you generally do when you don't have evidence to convict someone). He was only blocked in attempting to transfer them elsewhere.

Here are some more facts to chew on.

* He has maintained a personal "kill list," one murdered target of which was an American citizen. [1] Other American citizens, including a 16-year old boy[2], have been killed abroad by drone strikes under his watch.

* He signed Patriot Act and FISA Amendment Acts extensions

* He campaigned on ending warrantless surveillance, instead he greatly expanded it

* He signed the NDAA bill w/ indefinite detention provisions after saying that he had "reservations"[3] about it. Proved a liar when he instructed DoJ to fight lawsuit challenging the provisions.

* He has appointed lobbyists to numerous positions of power in the federal gov't (one of them being from Monsanto to the FDA[4]), after campaigning strongly against the practice.

edit: Forgot to mention his wars on whistleblowers.

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anwar_al-Awlaki

[2]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anwar_al-Awlaki#Abdulrahman_al...

[3]: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/31/obama-defense-bill_...

[4]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_R._Taylor

The fact that the Obama administration withdrew American troops from Iraq on schedule does not refute the fact that it did withdraw them.

He was not just blocked in attempting to transfer prisoners, he was blocked from having them tried in American courts.

The rest of your points don't seem to be related to the ones I was refuting. No administration is flawless. I was only pointing out that the parent comment to mine (specifically) was completely incorrect. Any other black marks against the current administration are beside that point.

But they aren't withdrawn yet - we still have troops in Afghanistan. He promised to bring them home immediately, not to take 5 years to get to to a point of "winding down." Also it should be noted that Obama more than doubled troop levels in Afghanistan. Well done on not extending the Iraq SOFA though.

The Guantanamo prisoners simply don't need to be tried by American courts in order to be released. http://images.politico.com/global/2013/05/03/lettertoobama_g...

Fair enough on the other points.

Oh ok. So replacing war with unmanned drones and a kill list that includes Americans, continuing horribly intrusive surveillance programs, and cracking down on more whistle blowers than any administration in history is SO much better. Everyone's shit stinks

Golly gee, I wonder why I didn't vote for him again in 2012? When will people realize the two party system is a farce? Both parties are largely the same and neither will ever bring real change.

Read the parent comments. I was replying to five specific points that were made. I never said that anyone's shit doesn't stink.

* President Barack Obama selects Joe Biden as his vice president, the same person who voted for the Iraq War

Which of those have been appointed to the Dropbox board?


I have no issue with her sex, or her race. I have an issue with people who were part of the adminstration that created PRISM, the Patriot Act, the 'Secret Court system', and somebody who is on record supporting this. Having a say in how my data is managed.

This. Has everyone forgetten about Snowden while they argue red vs. blue? Bush started it. Obama intensified it. If your main gripe is "She's a Republican!" then you have missed the point my friends.

I don't disagree on these points. But the reality is you are talking every person who has worked for either administration in the post 9/11 era is on this gig. We still have guantanomo bay...etc. None of these people in washington are changing anything. The snowden leaks are from 2008-2009 era. That stuf is 6+yrs old. People thought that was tin foil. For 6 years...


Yes. Look at stuxnet 0.5 (year: 2005-07)


And stuxnet 1.0 (2009-2010)



This kind of stuff takes years and has a life of its own.

Crossing administrations, party lines, and cabinet members. The nexus of the Pentagon, CIA, and State departments...has a lot of moving parts...and they can't fire all the career professionals after every election.

No. My co-founder is a woman and she had the same reaction of revulsion as I did from hearing this news. I'm not cool with killing thousands over a lie, denying gays the right to marriage, etc. This is the last day I use Dropbox.

Bullshit. A lot of the world despises that administration, and it wouldn't matter whether it was Rice, Rumsfeld, or Cheney.


Chelsea Clinton has never even stood for office, much less been part of the senior leadership of an administration that led the US into two wars of aggression and endorsed torture.

I really don't see how a vaguely rational person could even begin to compare the two, regardless of political beliefs.

I haven't seen anyone arguing that Bush was worse than Obama in this thread, so I don't see how that comparison has anything to do with anything either.

I'm sure none of this is relevant but (a) her dad is ex POTUS of a global superpower; and/or (b) her mom was Secretary of state of that global superpower. They also have the son of the wife of the CEO but that's a little different, she was a fashion designer.

Condi was (b) so they are basically the same relation to the US gov't.

I think the generalization that US foreign policy has radically changed its ethics or its data-security between 2008-2011 to be a bit unsupported by the facts.

If anything, as tech has improved we have all become less secure...regardless of the POTUS...because the professionals working in the NSA and the CIA are just getting more powerful.


My mother was an advertising art director, and I learned a lot from her, but you wouldn't say that I was basically responsible for pepperidge farm's late 1970s branding, would you? I don't think one should equate her actions (or even political beliefs) with those of her parents.

Are you seriously comparing being POTUS/SS of a global, nuclear superpower with a mid-level exec working with pepperidge farms? No dis-respect. But C'mon. People get these gigs because they have connections and are pawns in larger power games. Those games scale in proportion to the power in-volved. Sec. State Clinton was on the hook for a bunch of bad stuff (drones/cia etc) and is likely going to be the next POTUS. Which means she be put into these positions again. It's impossible to separate that stuff out from the job {title} itself. Someone has to make alot of ugly tradeoffs and thankless decisions.

The over-personalization of stuff though seems a bit less enlightened. But YMMV.

That being said, this is good energy to harness and use for the next election.

No, I'm not. I'm saying that children are not their parents. Full stop.

There are two more complicating factors involved:

1) Patronage 101 is rewarding the parent through doing favours for the child.

2) The decisionmaking of a junior person can be manipulated in its own right+

I don't think anyone needs to agree/argue with your point to see how its at best an incomplete understanding of the situation.

The same would be true in ancient rome, mideival florence, or the courts of eurpe in the 18th C.

[+] ... more easily

We're not talking about Obama. I would be equally offended if he or one of his defence / intelligence cronies were appointed to Dropbox's board.

Because Cheney would have gotten a free pass, right?

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