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The comment to which you replied was so toxic that I not only banned the user (last night), I did something we almost never do and killed the comment despite its already having a reply. I feel ashamed of Hacker News when I see such things here.

Nevertheless, please don't post comments like yours on Hacker News either, no matter how wrong the other person may be. In such extreme cases, here's what we ask.

Definitely do: flag the comment by clicking on 'link', which takes you to the item page for the comment, and then clicking on 'flag'. We monitor those flags and take action based on them.

Maybe do: send us an email to make sure we take a close look.

Definitely don't: lash back. All it does is degrade the discourse further.

Aside: seems a bug that a [dead] comment can appear higher than any live comments. (It was above iamthepieman's comment a moment ago.)

This was probably not because of the dead comment but the live reply, which got some upvotes.

Yes and there is a slight formatting bug where it appears "What a douche you are" is in reply to "Would Neel Mehta be ineligible collecting via his employment at Google?"

Thanks for pointing that out. It was a side effect of my killing the comment, so I've just unkilled it.


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