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Building 2048 in AngularJS (ng-newsletter.com)
67 points by jashmenn on Apr 8, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Compared to how the original 2048 is written - which is quite clean - the amount of clones (and the speed of their production) being a testament to that - this is disgustingly, unnecessarily complex.

The point isn't to make a clean copy of 2048. The point is to show how you build Angular apps and organize code for something more complex than a simple todo list app.

Then this is anti-advertising for Angular.

Is there a separated-concern library suitable for large applications that'd fare better for 2048?

Like others have said it's a very good write-up tutorial, I think it must have taken longer to write and edit all the explanatory text than the code itself. Clearly they started before the very early on change to the original 2048 that lets yo keep playing past 2K at least ;)


And this Angular version doesn't leave graphical debris all over the window in FF on FreeBSD, big win, sort of the reason I turned my awk script that I ran to test strategies for playing the original game well into an interactive game itself ;)


Yeah, that's exactly what I thought at first, too. But I guess it's just an example on a simple game to show how you'd do more complex applications with Angular.

In this case I think it's mostly unnecessarily verbose.

If ignore the 2048 hype and how well that's built framework-free, this is one of the most excellent writeups on how to build and organize an angular application that i have seen to date.

Seriously, screw TodoMVC. I cannot get a feel for a framework from that. This is almost the minimum complication level you need to be able to assess a framework's usage complexity.

The animations need work though, the feel of the game is less polished than the original, mostly because the original game keeps a copy of the most recent tile floating on top of the one that's merged away so that the full animation can run.

TodoMVC is more cryptic than finding your own way through JS libraries/frameworks. I never understood the point of that website. Maybe I'm missing something!

Probably the best basic Angular Tutorial I have seen!

Go TDD! Nice structuring of the application.

Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed!

not sure about the original being cleaner, this looks damn good to me

This is awesome!

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