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Holy shit. I'm ian, I did this. This was an inside joke and a weekend hackathon, never meant to be public. We will ship orders but it really is a joke. I mean... you like it dirty and you're back for more... where are my damn pcbs? I thought it was obvious lol. All the backend is there and boards are proper, we have a logistics company, but its really just a joke that went too far. It started cause we saw people bitching about cheap pcbs having bad silks and I'm like, well its dirt cheap dirty boards... thanks for the post though, were sitting in Shenzhen with a dozen hackers eating hot pot loling it up :)

I submitted this.

I'm sorry if I caused confusion, I really did think it was a real service and it sounds as if it is, even if you didn't intend it to be. I read quite a lot of the site before submitting. I agree the tone is a bit odd, but then it's a bargain-basement service so it wasn't "odd enough" for me to ignore it, I guess.

I'm a closet fan of Dangerous Prototypes, I think it was that connection that made it interesting enough to submit, to me.

Also, stop doing joke PCB ordering sites, and get back to designing that STM32-based Bus Pirate v5, please. :)

Its real, boards will ship, its just that we _thought_ we were sharing it with a few forum members and LOLing it up... Now we're being hammered. All good. Tomorrow we start doing stencils and bigger quantities too.

Also: dirtycircuits.com will do routing! dirtycables.com will do custom cables! It's a dirty world!

Are you guys planning on doing custom cables as well (at least on the other sites)? I imagine the molding tooling makes this a no-go for anything but larger orders.

Hi Ian, love your prices.

> dirtycables.com - Great idea, hope you're not joking again.

How about a dirtyassembly.com? Please?

Am I the only one that tried dirtycables.com and dirtycircuits.com and was surprised to find nothing?

A custom cable joke site too? You guys are asking for it.

Hah. Turns out you made a minimum viable product instead of a joke. I say roll with it and see if it's profitable.

There are dozens of hobby and one-off projects that I've been doing manual wiring for that I would _like_ a PCB but haven't been able to justify the price.

Example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-DIY-J-edition-12AX7-vacuum-tube-...

I'd like to buy in bulk and I really don't care of the PCB quality because it's just to mess around with.

Also, after talking to a few people this is a really good marketing strategy. Last year it would have been great to be able to go through one company for proto-pcbs then when we had ironed out all of our own kinks we could have placed an order for 'production ready boards'

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