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The gall. Seriously.

"Thus did Schachter come to believe that the deal was what was best for Del.icio.us. And it's pretty good for him too. If reports of a price north of $30 million are accurate, the acquisition puts his net worth (on paper) at more than $15 million." ( http://money.cnn.com/magazines/business2/busine... )

Yahoo sets this little brat up for life and he has the audacity to talk about them as a "sausage factory?" Frankly, I think Yahoo has done a good job with Delicious BECAUSE they have tinkered with it so little. And what they HAVE done with the UI is a vast improvement. Remember all the worry when Yahoo bought Flickr? Most Flickr users say it's far better and more stable than ever. I just have problems with his taking the kind of money from this company like he did and then turn around in 4 years and bitch and moan and say he wished he hadn't sold. Does anybody here REALLY believe that? Put him back in his old apartment surviving on Mac 'n Cheese without the luxury home, trips, cars, gifts to family, etc. and see how badly he wished he would never have sold.

Shame, Josh Schachter, shame.

Did you really just call someone you've never met before -- who created a service you seem to enjoy -- a little brat? People who create great products which get acquired do not get "set up" by their acquirer. The cash they earn is often in exchange for giving up full control over the product's destiny. That is what happened here, and you can certainly argue whether or not Delicious is better or worse off for being underneath Yahoo, but it's foolish of you to try and divine how truthful you think Josh is being, merely because you may trade the best thing you've ever created for $15 million.

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