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In NYC there is a sort of similar startup: Makespace. You ask them for storage boxes and they bring those for free. You fill them and make an appointent to fetch them from your house. They then bring it to their storage facility. Fee per box. http://makespace.com/invite/4dA/

Wow, this is like the best case scenario of what I had in mind! Have you used it yet?

Yep. I saw them during a NY tech meetup event and liked the concept and happened to have stuff I needed storing. The site is great and service is great. I wanted to schedule a drop off for the boxes but they were booked that week. Problem was I was flying back to Europe that week and so really needed them to bring the boxes. They were very flexible and got someone to drop the boxes off before they made the usual rounds. Same for picking up the boxes a few days later. Definitely can recommend them!

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