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Superhero.js – One stop for JS Knowledge (superherojs.com)
322 points by sayanchowdhury on Apr 7, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

For anyone looking for some good Javascript reads: http://javascriptissexy.com/

Unfortunately Richard Stanley hasn't updated the blog in more than 6 months, but in any case. If you want to sharpen your JS skills I'd highly recommend the site.

Concur, one of the best JS learning sites I've found. He has a gift for explaining technical concepts well.

Javascript Allonge is a great read and a must for newcomers and experienced devs. https://leanpub.com/javascript-allonge/read

I was just about to add that. I don't even know how many comments are in my archive echoing that sentiment. It's a fantastic book for any programmer.

Javascript is honestly a weird language if you're coming from the typical imperative languages (C, Java, Python, etc.), it's also not really functional enough to be in the spirit of Lisp, and it's doesn't have the type system to be familiar to Haskell or Scala devs. It's really a descendant of the Smalltalk/Self lineage, but with some major diversions. I always thought it was a shit language cobbled together with no consistent philosophy. Reading that book proved me wrong. Javascript does in fact have a soul and Reg Braithwaite totally changed how I view the language with Javascript Allongé.

Indeed. It is a great read. I just had to include it on Superhero.js when I finished reading it a couple of days ago. Especially valuable if you already know some JS.

We want more great stuff of Superhero.js, so we're open for suggestions here or in the GitHub issues: https://github.com/superherojs/superherojs/issues

We are thinking about adding a section on the most used libraries or frameworks, such as Backbone, Angular and Ember, but we will focus on the core JavaScript essentials until we feel it's good enough.

That would be great. You can also add this site on the list:


A while ago it was being promoted here on HN.

A nod to Roy Lichtenstein might be in order, since the graphics are almost literal copies of his work.



edit I'm laughing at the irony, not the claim of copyright infringment.

LOL, I did not know this... :)

This might be contrary to the "point" of the website, but you should touch upon Vanilla.js. http://vanilla-js.com

If you want to become really good at X, you have to study Y instead of X where Y is the theory of all the things similar to X.

If you really learn the Y it will be hard for you to come back to X instead of one of the much better Zs.

Very nice indeed! Douglas Crockford has a series of videos on JS and a book "JavaScript the good parts". An extremely great resource you should consider adding. http://javascript.crockford.com/

This is great. Although books like 'eloquent javascript' or 'JS design patterns' prove themselves as stepping stones for one trying to get hold. However, when it comes to real world issues, blog posts by experienced professionals are ones only companions. Its good to see relevant posts in context, firstly describing problems that developers often face and then suggesting the solutions.

I wrote this a while back to help some people on my team better understand some js quirkiness. Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but it trips a lot of people up.


This explanation seems to obscure more than illuminate. Maybe for a specific sort of person that loves pointers is it useful, but I both understand pointers and JavaScript's specific flavour of closures well and still found it confusing.

The website is so nice, and I thought all the material would be from the Superhero.js team too. Upon further review, they link to other sites, and some of them are not as user friendly and nice looking. The change of UI between each lesson/source is kind of an eye sore and sometimes annoying.

Nonetheless, thanks for putting this together!

Awesome stuff. Although this has already been shown off here before: https://hn.algolia.com/?q=superhero.js#!/story/forever/0/sup...

http://designpepper.com/a-drip-of-javascript/ is a nice weekly newsletter-ish resource

Can you add a section - "SuperHeros for Hire - Freelance/one off work"?

I think there would be a great demand for people specialized in memory leak / performance tuning etc

Tried putting the rss feed in feedly, but the entries don't link to pages on the site :(

Great additions there sould be more site like this. Definitely bookmarked.

Working on it: http://jsrecipes.org

This is nice. Already bookmarked. The only confusion is at first 'superhero.js' sounds like a javascript library or framework.

Average-looking Javascript by day, crime-fighting Javascript by night!

got me too, thought it gets metadata about a page's js libraries

Agreed, it looks like a JS library, or a new domain extension.

Bookmarking alone is not 'always' enough ;)

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