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A normal web page would probably have a link to the license information, but since you can't put links in CSS pages the author just had to make it open source.

what ? this is a normal web page. what do you mean CSS page ?

Bootstrap style pages look gorgeous, but don't tend to say anything useful, and I hate it.

I know it has nothing to do with CSS, and it is technically possible to have a link to something useful when using a pretty design, but I have yet to see an example. Judging by the 25 (now 26) karma I lost I think a lot of people here really like good looking pages with no links or information.

You're losing karma because your complaint has no basis in fact, not because of aesthetic concerns.

I don't think you understand bootstrap and how it pertains to HTML and CSS.

What the hell are you on about? There are a variety of links on the page. You can't build a page out of CSS only.

> What the hell are you on about?

Please don't address other users aggressively on Hacker News.

Consider how much better this comment reads if one deletes the first sentence. It goes from being a bad HN comment to a good one immediately.

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