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2048 in 3D (seenjs.io)
66 points by themadcreator on Apr 6, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 51 comments

I know that some of you are sick of 2048, but I think this series of variations on a theme is one of the more interesting things to have spontaneously appeared on Hacker News in recent memory, so I've turned off user flags for this story.

Yes, it's a game, and a lightweight game and a knockoff at that. But the creativity with which the experiments have responded to one another is real. We would love to see more of this kind of thing happen on Hacker News; in my mind, it's what it was made for. If HN could be a hotbed for such experiments and improvisation, who knows what might become of it.

Also worth noting that this is one of those cases where HN spawned something that is very popular outside of HN.

It makes me incredibly happy (and proud, if that makes sense) to see random family members and friends, definitely not HN geeks, playing this game. E.g. my Aunt.

While I have issues with how 2048 started as a copy of someone's work, the way people keep on doing versions of it to show off to other people with a "look what I did" seems exactly to meet the "hacker" in "Hacker News."

Almost everything starts as a copy of someone's work. Threes can be seen as a combination of Tetris and sliding block puzzles like '15'.

Anyone else get motion sickness while playing? :/

Alright, for those of you that are experiencing nausea while playing this version of 2048, I've added a "toggle nausea" button to disable the rotation of the board.

Yes, that rotation is nauseating.

I'm still dizzy

yeah, pretty bad.

I have an idea. What if you made this but every time you add to a block, it's height also increases (perhaps linearly with the power of 2)

pokpokpok also suggested this. I created a branch where you can try it out yourselves!

  git clone git@github.com:themadcreator/seen.git
  cd seen
  git checkout vary-heights
  npm install
  npm run site
then nav your browser to http://localhost:5000/demo-2048.html

it looks like this: http://snag.gy/RdOtD.jpg

This is cool! The only problem I have is that the greens are too similar :(

I'm colorblind and absolutely can't differentiate them at all :(

Okay, I updated the colors so the dark green is darker.

Thanks! This is an improvement.

A lot of people are commenting that the colors are too similar. This is partially due to the prismastic color scheme we chose. The specular phong shading model throws them off a bit as well. Here are the current color values:

Any suggestions on a different scheme that has a natural progression and are sufficiently dissimilar?

Adding numbers would help tell apart tiles.

An idea I have for this 3D version is to add weight to the game. If one side is heavier the platform should move toward that side. If the user cannot balance the platform after certain amount of time the user will lose the game as the platform will flip over. This will make the game more challenging. As a player I often end up keeping all my tiles on one side.

Ever play "Leverage"? It's a board game along those lines.

Cool idea! I plan on adding some rigid body physics to this library.

I can't tell if the algorithm used for placing tiles is less sophisticated or if removing the numbers makes me a better player.

It's exactly the same under the hood as Gabriele's original 2048 from https://github.com/gabrielecirulli/2048

This is easily the most interesting version of 2048 I've seen so far. I really like that there are no numbers displayed on the tiles - after a couple minutes of playing, it becomes intuitive which tiles are at which height.

I got the idea for using colors only from http://prism.clay.io/. I agree -- the colors become intuitive after just a few minutes.

Not sure what it says about the colored version of 2048, but I found myself doing much better than the numbered version. My strategy didn't involve as much reading as it normally does. Maybe just one or two moves ahead each time.

This is great, but the colours at to similar. Perhaps use some more distinct and vibrant colours? It's difficult to read the board at a quick glance.

value should be presented as Z height of the tile as well

Wouldn't the occlusion of the shapes behind it be confusing?

It could be negative height which would work very well and not obstruct any view.

a little bit, but they don't need to get too tall and it would look interesting

Love it! Although the two shades of blue threw me off a couple times, since they're so similar.

Really easy to use code! I've used seen.js for a rotating shape in the banner of my website http://feacompare.com I still can't get it to load a .obj mesh but that will be even better.

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, but this is the most fun version I've played so far. I'm not sure what I'm doing because I can't keep track of the order the colors appear in.

There's an ordered palette of colors below that matches to the 2^N values from the original. Plus you get used to it after a couple minutes =).

I did manage to get 2048 the first time through, but I made several mistakes thinking I'd be able to merge a couple of purples that weren't really the same. It's less of a problem when they're right next to each other, but when you're thinking ahead, it's easy to get a little lost on the spectrum.

What makest his variation fun, compared to others, for me is the incrementing hue. For some reason, it's clearer how to combine them than when they're numbers.

Not sure anyone cares very much, but I like to see the tiles beyond 2048.

I got 4096 here on the bottom right.


Sorry, there was a glitch in the lighting. I fixed it. The next tier of values should now look like this:


Sorry, no luck at 8192.


The tiles should start to cycle through the colors again after 2048. From 2^12 - 2^22 it does triangular prisms, from 2^23 and beyond it does pyramids.

Are you only getting white shapes after 2048?

Correct me if I am wrong, Why its not 2.5D ?

Yeah, I expected a 4 x 4 x 4 cube.

Where is the cube version of 2048, where you shift in 3 dimensions. That could be interesting.

I made more points by just going counterclockwise through the arrow keys over and over: 5368

If you did it with colors, you could do it with playmates!

Just when I thought I kicked my 2048 addiction...

Great job. I love it.

Would be way better with numbers on the tiles.

23360 - anybody do better?

these 2048 variations gotta stop pumping in the frontpage

I've seen it as a seenjs example... whats wrong with that? better than fizzbuzz.

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