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At Tachyus (tachyus.com), we are using 100% F# to build the back end of our platform. Getting from zero to our first product deployment in three months, we've proven that F# is a great language for real world web projects -- especially when iteration speed and application correctness are both indispensable. Visual Studio and Windows Azure have actually been a huge part of the leverage we've gotten from choosing F#, as we can build, debug, deploy, and manage deployments directly from the IDE. With an Azure trial account created, you can literally get your first F# site up in minutes.

Unfortunately, I can't answer your question about Mono just yet. We are exploring the practicality of Mono (for mobile development in F#), and while I am optimistic, I can't speak to the reliability of the platform. So my answer (a complete cop-out) is to try out Visual Studio unless you are completely tethered to Linux/Mac.

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