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Speaking of Heroku-like deployments, is there something I can install on a blank DigitalOcean VPS and have it configure a simple PostgreSQL instance and whatever dependancies I have in my Gemfile?

Then I can deploy with a single command?

I have done this a ton of times with Capistrano but it's always a pain in the ass for new projects because I need to install Nginx, PostgreSQL, RVM, Ruby version, etc etc etc. Lots of busywork I don't really care about.

You can basically do this with the "building" gem: https://github.com/CenturyLinkLabs/building

It uses Heroku buildpacks to build self-contained containers with all your dependencies with one command: building containername

Dokku is great, and has a PG plugin:



DO has a Dokku vm you can select when you spin up a new droplet.

Chef-solo is probably more up your alley. You should be able to easily find recipes for Postgres, Nginx, RVM/rbenv, etc. to automate the building of the server.

Try https://www.cloud66.com/, it does what you want, but for some money.

Cloud66 is kind of incredible, I was an early beta tester for them and they really are hitting an interesting price/value point wrt managing complex systems.

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