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Ask HN: What do you use to track what your comeptitors are doing?
8 points by augustin1989 on April 6, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
Do you guys track what your competitors are doing such as their social media, blog, press, website changes, backlinks, etc?

If so, what do you use to easily do this?


I really like Mention, since they also have a mobile app and the free tier does everything I want. We used it to hop into conversations on forums about car buying.

I agree with u/canatan01 that Moz is best for backlink tracking.

Hey thanks for the “mention” ;) I’m the Community Manager at mention and am always here to help if you have any questions: alex at mention . com

What your competitors are doing is not material. Ask your customers what they want, and give it to them. In all my years, I have not altered my course a single iota based on what a competitor is doing. Pointless.

http://www.quicksprout.com/ very good, free check for up to three competing pages! You can buy a pro account to.

We do sometimes. We use Google Alerts with the names of our competitors as the keywords. And (seo)Moz for backlink tracking.

www.wordlink.com gathers all the news in the world and sorts it by how active it is in social media in near real time. We have some partnerships with market and publishing intelligence firms.

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