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The song Spaced by Beaver & Krause made this sound before THX, in 1970 on the album Wild Sanctuary

3:10 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xKO3KAtDZ0

Edit: additional wikipedia searching reveals this unsourced fact

"A variation of the end of their track "Spaced" from the Wild Sanctuary album became the inspiration for dual gliding synthesizer soundtrack for the copied THX Sound Logo in movie theaters, also for which neither Beaver or Krause were compensated."


Iannis Xenakis' song Metastasis got there first as far as I know, in 1953 with a full orchestra. It has a slightly different (less harmonic) end:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZazYFchLRI (mostly the first minute)

It's one of my favorite songs, mostly for when I want to be left alone in a room.

Makes you wonder how things would have played out if Dr Dre's Lolo sampled Iannis Xenakis instead of THX's sound. Would placing the sample at the beginning of a record the way Deep Note is placed in a movie have been a violation of THX's trademark?

There's another song of his, Concret PH, that is absolutely mind-blowing on a hi-fi system or with high end headphones. On lo-fi equipment its kind of staticy, but on good equipment it's like sitting in a room with thousands of thin walled crystal wine glasses shattering around you.

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