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Show HN: RSS feed of a user's HN comments
7 points by rahimnathwani on April 3, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Sylvain at Algolia was kind enough to accept a small pull request for HN search, which means you can now add things like http://hn.algolia.com/userfeed/pg to your RSS reader, to get the most recent comments from that user.

Each feed item currently includes just the text of the comment, but it should be easy to add some extra info, like the article title and parent URL. I'll take a look at the weekend unless someone beats me to it :)

You can actually use the search API and you get the comment + article text and parent URL as the result.

I made a small web app 2 years ago to follow HN users: http://www.nou.nl/hn/

Example HN user page (where you can also find comment + parent): http://www.nou.nl/hn/user/pg

I like the presentation of your site, and will definitely use it when I'm at home.

The reason I wanted RSS feeds is that I often take a bus to/from work, and the variable latency on my mobile connection makes it hard to skim different articles online. Syncing the newsblur app before I leave takes care of this problem.

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