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You've further reinforced my gut feeling of staying away from Angular at the time.

I'm a data guy, and I only mess with web apps to present my stuff. Recently I wanted to do a realtime map app to display tweets processed by some ML stuff I had built.

I started to look at Angular, got a headache, and then built it with Meteor. It was ridiculously, almost embarrassingly easy. I felt like it was 1996 and I was sneakily using Microsoft Frontpage to build my web page instead of hand coding it.

Now, I'm not an idiot. I understand that Angular is a toolkit for building things which are much, much bigger and more complex than anything I touch. But if they can make it easier with version 2, I'll wait until then.

if it's for personal projects maybe vuejs will be better for you than angular. same principles, much simpler execution.

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