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/bias rant/

I'm writing this on a brand new, never used, lenovo thinkpad loaner with windows 7 because my 3yr old macbookpro decided to die. (Took it to apple in NYC, they'll fix it and send it to me in Portland, OR.) I can't begin to describe the awful feeling I have knowing that I have to use windows for the next week. This laptop has already frozen twice while using outlook. It takes forever just to figure out which packages to install to manage mssql server. I'm installing something now and am not sure it's even the right thing. I've already had to reboot several times.

Everything Microsoft does is counter intuitive, user and developer hostile and proprietary in some fashion. Just take a look at the Download Center. It's as if a horde of product managers were released into a Microsoft hunger games and the ones with the most esoteric description and versioning/ marketing scheme came out alive.

How anybody would willingly invest time, money or resources on anything Microsoft related is beyond me.

/bias rant/

As someone who has a love/hate relationship with MS, I feel your pain. I've found as long as you stick within the MS family, all is well. Try to deviate from that pseudo-walled garden and its brutal.

For instance, doing Python or Ruby or ROR on a windows machine? No way. I just started doing more MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) stack stuff and after several days of cursing the heavens and trying to figure stuff out on my Windows 7 PC, I just said screw this and went to my box running Linux Mint and within 15 minutes was up, running and coding.

Whenever I look at the CV for Windows developers, all I see is MS technologies. I think to myself "how can you tie yourself to a single company? don't you explorer?"

But it's because it's difficult for them to.

Then throw Linux on it. Linux works very well on ThinkPads, and is (IMHO) much better than OSX, plus open-source.

Yes Windows sucks, but MS does throw out good things once in awhile...

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