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http://togethera.com - Android Developer and Full Stack Developer

We're building the simplest way for all generations in a family to share photos, videos and updates in absolute privacy. We have an early stage product that's getting amazing reviews; we're funded by excellent investors and are on a mission to bring the world's families closer together with technology that's delightful and easy to use.

We're now hiring for two roles: Android Developer and Full-Stack Developer (AngularJS & Python with Django). To apply please contact us at jobs@togethera.com. The roles are in London, but we can start working together remotely.

We currently have a Phonegap app that's getting fantastic reviews on Google Play. If you join us for the Android role, you'll get to build a native version from scratch, using all the lessons we've picked up in the last couple of months!

Perks include flexible working hours, equity, conference/learning budget and a (very) relaxed holiday policy. More importantly, you'll be joining us almost from the start and have real influence on how the product, culture and company grow.


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