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The possibility of this being misinterpreted as valid is rather high. I think your point could have been made well with a single explaining sentence up front and without the name substitution in the actual content.

These guys stuck the knife into MtGox... when they themselves are no better.

Check the forums over at BitcoinTalk, for months now, people using Kraken have been unable to withdraw their money, and deposits have been going 'missing'. The fact that support is conducted over a public forum, out of sheer desperation on the customers part, tells you something.

If CoinBase did go down, would you bet against the other providers crafting a public relations message to drum up business for themselves? It's dog eat dog out there - the idea that there is a community of Bitcoin businesses looking out for each other is a joke.

What does that have to do with what I said? I think the manner in which you made your point has too high a chance of being misinterpreted to be acceptable here, which is probably why it was being downvoted.

I get your point, yet somebody misinterpreting a joke should have no impact on the company...

Unless the company actually had inadequate reserves to meet customer withdrawals, thus leaving the solvency of the company at risk of a good old-fashioned fractional reserve style bank-run...

Oh, I could care less about the company, but I do care about the integrity of HN as a whole. That doesn't mean I don't like the occasional joke on here either, but since that story seemed a bit light on details and people were looking for information, posting satire that looks very much like valid information can be unintentionally misleading.

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