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Apparently, I'm the only one who can't figure out how to play. It seems you're supposed to launch missiles, but all I can do is make them pop into and out of the ground. As soon as the first bug reaches the ground, I lose, regardless of how many missiles I have showing.

Bugs have a hex number of them, you need to match it with a binary representation with rockets.. I'm still slower than that kid.

Missiles correspond to the binary representation of the hex number. All possible values of one hex digit can be represented by 4 binary digits, and vice versa. As an example: to hit an AF hex you need six 1010(A) 1111(F) missiles. To hit 24 hex you need only two missiles: 0010(2) 0100(4)

Try selecting the missiles so that they equal the number of the bug (missiles are binary, bug numbers are hex). The box on the lower right shows you what you've selected.

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