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"8-bit music" is a non-sequitur.

That many downvotes is a bit harsh. Methinks he's referring to the fact that most "music" produced on 8-bit devices in the 1980s had the musical value of an overture for solo kazoo.

Wow really guys? You downvoters, you're saying the music is literally represented with 8 bits?

"Music which is reminiscent of a game console from the late 80s until the early 90s, where the sound was produced by dedicated 8-bit sound chips, working alongside 8-bit primary CPU and using 8-bit DAC for conversion to analog output."

Is this better?

Or how about just "8-bit music".

Or, you know, chip music. Since the music is mostly mp3 it's not 8-bit.

I'm surprised a community as pedantic as this one doesn't get it.

8-bit music is a nickname for a music genre.

8-bit audio sampling is a specific level of digital audio fidelity.

Human language is context sensitive. Pedantic doesn't mean we have to be stupid.

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